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Found 214 results

  1. PM ageuvk/ DonnyDonowitz s> chaos wirinon+11 i m look for rof+3 +kc or warrior krowas pads +11+kc
  2. Need Event Black Friday Please 24.11,2017 need apexko events drop rate, chaotic generator event, sell store event, pus event, upgrade rate event need good lucks. thanks you.
  3. SELLİNG İTEM LİST -->+11 GARGES SWORD (one in server ap 209 +9 str best weapon of server.!) --> +11 castellan sword (one in server ap 202 hit same of chaos baal +11) -->+11 Chitin shield --> +11 gab adamant --> +11 priest krowaz set --> selling +3 ROL dual --> selling +3 S.S.E dual --> selling +3 glass belt --> sellig +3 iron necklace in game pm : IALLANOONI WP: +905522298974 "How Much" questions and noob offers will get automatically ignored! Pm me here or IALLANOONI ingame
  5. Taking offers on full warrior krowaz set +11 Pm me offers babas.
  7. WTB HELMET KROWAZ +11 WARIOR WTB AOS +3 WTB ROF +3 Duall WTB CHAOS BALL +11 WTB Opal Ering + 3 PM me Grot only kc
  8. AS A TOPİC SAY SELL ELİT WARRİOR İTEMS BUYYİNG KC PM HERE OR WP OR GAME +11 rev chaos baal +11 rev Warrior Krowaz set +3 dual opal earning +3 dual platinium earning +3 string of skulls +2 iron belt drwki pendant sss +8 fp dd +11 dread shield +11 lugias +11 hell breaker https://apexko.com/character/IWillkensooN PM FORUM OR GAME WP:+905522298974
  9. Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good summer. I was searching through the forums and i haven't seen some topics that i wanted to see in the section and i think would be useful. I'd make them by myself if i had the knowledge but, unfortunately, i don't. First of all was, a list of achievements/titles and how to unlock them. I see tons of people using Most Speedy achievement for example, but i don't know what are the benefits or how to acquire it. I've pmed few people in-game but they were mostly silent. I don't know why. Anyways, if someone with the database of them or the total knowledge on them, could make it. that'd be great. and since it'd be all in one place, it'd be easier for people to make up their mind on which title they'd like to use. Secondly, Last week my friend wanted to start a mage on a fresh account but we were not able to find any Guide (except the combo guide) for the mage builds. That'd be also nice topic to have on hand when people wanted to play mage. Since it's not chosen much by the players of ApexKO maybe they didn't need that much. But for me, i haven't played a mage for a long time in KO, well, i haven't played KO at all for a long long time before i started ApexKO. So i think for those who wants to start a mage character, that guide would be useful. I'm sorry if the topic is on the wrong section or if i've failed to find the ones already created in the forum. Thanks for your time and feedbacks, and have a good day
  10. Hey everyone! How is it going? We're currently looking for English speaking players to recruit. The only condition to join is to be able to join on TeamSpeak whenever needed. We do pk and farm occasionally, we are trying to be active as much as we can during event times such as wars/boss wars/cz boss hunts etc. We're a newly formed clan, but already Grade 3 and would like you to join us to take us to the next level, together. Feel free to ask any question that you might have under this topic or pm me in game. Thanks for your time and consideration. + IGN : TheWezz
  11. As title says. I tested this out in moradon on iron scarecrow and only received 1440 HP (Critical Restore (Critical point works 30% of the time) ----- 2x of 720 Hp Pot), However I never received HP regain from vampiric drain throughout countless attempts. Can anyone provide me perhaps a video as proof if vampiric drain + critical point hp regain even works on this server? I have done it on other servers where it worked countless times. Anyone else had similar experience? Let me know what your viewpoints are below.
  12. @[email protected]@Aesteris when human side kingdom bug will be fix non kingdom race is not race
  13. BUYYİNG rogue items 11 krowaz set 11 ets 11 any raum +3 dual eme draki ssa elf belt +3 in game pm: IWillkensooN also forum special message whatsapp: +905522298974
  14. Başlıktada belirttiğim gibi milletin kendi emeğiyle bastığı yani reb 11 götürdüğü itemleri normal 9 a çevirme kağıdı eklense nasıl olur sizce? Add 9 normal conversion papers that players take with their own efforts to 11
  15. Buyying 1x ring of felankor Sell--> chaos wiri -- sold buyy--> chaos baal --buy it As A topic say B--> collective Apexko KC B--> dual ring of felankor toplu kc alınır
  16. Here's a basic drop list of the farmable mobs in the Colony Zone:
  17. Hi all, just came back to knight online after a long break.. (gotta comeback everytime..) after a long research i found that this is the most up-to-date and active server with english talking community out there.. so i said lets give it a chance.. and so i did Well, i'de like to know a few things as i heard this one is a Light-Farm (which doesnt seem that way tbh.. atleast from a new-comer prespective..) 1. Where should i farm? 2. Wil i even be able to catch up now? 3. What are the methods to earn coins.. are there any gold bar drops? 4. What should i farm? (Warrior) 5. Donators have exclusive Weps? Armors?.. Anything that makes them better then non-donator? 6. Any other general/helpful information would be much appreciated. 7. Thanks alot guys, hoping to see some friendly folks out there
  18. SELLING Chaos WIRINOM +11rev Draki STR SSS String of Skulls +3 2x Platinum Earring +3 (dual +3 PE) 2x Ring of Courage +3 (dual +3 ROC) +8 Warrior Krowaz SET +11 Dragon Scale SET Nick: ArgentEezzy (you can pm me through game!)
  19. Selling +11 Mythrill Helmet & Pads Buying Rogue Krowaz +11 Helmet And Pads Pm Here Or Game SilverHarpoon
  20. I want active players to join a my clan. Aktif oyuncuları clanıma beklerim. Pm Here or Game SilverHarpoon
  21. We are expecting an event for np crunch on a server which is already at pk.Do something different to increase the number of war. Bowl an active gm occasionally make a boss event. Gm kill does not matter monthly per week but something is done. I would be very happy if you wrote down the GM's description under this topic Written in google translate.. @Sierra @root @Omega
  22. Sell Warrior İtems(CryMoreDevil) Undef Wirinom +11 War Kro Helmet +11 War Kro Lower Garment Rev +7 War Kro Gaunlet +5 War Kro Pauldron +5 War Kro Bots +11 2x Roc 3 1x Pe 3 1x Opal 3 2x Diamond +3 AOS +3 Draki STR SSB PM : CryMoreSyndra