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  1. The struggle is real... More whine please.
  2. Sell +2 Ring Of Life (4x) +8 Asas Kro Pad +2 Platinum Earing +11 Dread Shield +11 Lugias (Sold) +11 Hanguk Sword (Sold) +11 Hell Blood(Sold) +2 Dual Ageta Earing(Sold) +0 Iron Belt 7,5 Gbs +11 Elysium(Sold) +8 Mage Krowaz Helmet(Sold) +0 Glass Belt 8 Gbs(Sold) +1 Rol(Sold) +0 Roc 2x (Sold) +0 Iron Neck (Sold) +7 Adamant for 2.5 k kc(Sold) +8 Mage Krowaz Gaunlet (Sold) Buy Hero's Valor +2 Sash Of Sorrows +2 Diamond Ring +2 Opal Earing +2 Warrior Krowaz +8 Helmet (Bought) Warrior Krowaz +8 Pauldron (Bought) Warrior Krowaz +8 Bots (Bought) Warrior Krowaz +8 Gaunlet (Bought) Warrior Krowaz +8 Pads (Bought) Pm in Game : LostLegends - LostMarket
  3. and this was the damage that MONSTER received Warrior. (With Blinding Skill) (Can't imagine the damage with spike )
  4. Sell +7 Adamant for 2.5 k kc +0 Iron Neck for 20 Gbs. +0 Iron Belt 8 Gbs +0 Glass Belt 10 Gbs +0 Rol 2x +0 Roc 2x +8 Mage Krowaz Gaunlet! 10 Gbs. Buy Warrior Krowaz +8 Helmet Warrior Krowaz +8 Pauldron (Bought) Warrior Krowaz +8 Bots (Bought) Warrior Krowaz +8 Gaunlet (Bought) Warrior Krowaz +8 Pads (Bought) Pm in Game : LostLegends - LostMarket
  5. Sup guys?! My clannies and I have joined this server recently and have been pretty impressed with the massive amount players online and the great pk. You will see us here a lot more and because of that we are currently recruiting new players for our clan. Requirements: - Must use Gamevox (similar to TS/Ventrilo) - Must speak Spanish - Must be active & friendly Head over to our website or facebook page: http://www.clan-hispania.com https://www.facebook.com/hispaniako/ If you are interested, just PM me here or ingame (KhalMinos). Or you can email me directly through our websites contact page. You can also contact Thornan or Xtian ingame. Or anyone from our clan you see ingame, they will notify me or any assist. Cheers! -KhalMinos ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola a todos! La gente de mi clan acaba de unirse a este servidor y nos esta gustando bastante. Por eso, estamos buscando gente activa, que le guste el pk y colaborar para poder jugar todos como clan. La filisofía del clan es simple; mucho respeto y confianza ante todo. Requerimientos: - Usar el programa GameVox (similar a TS/Ventrilo) - Hablar Español - La persona tiene que ser activo, empeñoso y leal. Visiten nuestra pagina oficial o pagina de facebook: http://www.clan-hispania.com https://www.facebook.com/hispaniako/ Si alguno esta interesado, mandenme un PM por aca or en el juego (KhalMinos). Tambien pueden contactarme directamente por correo electronico usando el menu 'contactos' de la pagina. Tambien pueden mandarle PM a Thornan, Xtian en el juego o cualquier otro miembro del clan que vean correr por ahi. Todos nos mantenemos bien comunicados. Saludos, -KhalMinos
  6. Hello Guys! We will have a live broadcast after 30 min. This night we will start broadcast at 22:00 (GMT+2) Here is the link, please follow us https://www.twitch.tv/lostleqends
  7. On char selection, when I enter to get into server I get a black screen for almost 3 mins till it goes to Loading objects % So annoying. It was ok about a week ago but apparently you introduced some patch that fucked it up for me! Also on TP gate game shuts down. What have you done?! Since it's PK server why don't you make Anvil abit easier? It's so difficult to even make a +7 and going to up reverse dude I'm too old for that shit, needs lots of patience and time!
  8. Hi Today I joined Forgotten Temple and for the first time in my life I was not AFK in it. I however noticed a few players who was AFK so I let Athena know about this. He joined the FT, kicked me out after I've hit Volcanic Rock to 10% and then refuses to answer afterwards. I got 5 people who I was in Teamspeak with (Same forgotten temple) who can vouch I was not AFK a second. Please give me the reward. Character name: brown edit: (2016-05-25) I just asked about for help in shoutbox and got a 48 hours ban. Athena, stop being a kid and accept you did wrong. edit 2: (2016-05-28) Day 3, got instantly banned from shoutbox again. Athena, you can't do this forever. We forgive you for your mistake if you give me my missing FT reward. edit 3: (2016-05-30) Day 5, Today I completed a FT event without being kicked. Athena was harassing me during the entire event, but I managed to fight through it. I got a HB +8 from the Blue chest.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gkW_IyDjmU Enjoy The Video.

  11. What do you need to join? Teamspeak 3 (Cartelofficial.guildshout.com) Need to be a fire mage (Need to have tag) If you wanna be priest (you need to be able to be a skilled healer (against other mage teams) and tag isn't required for priest Have some experience would be a bonus! Have the clan tag = El we're currently looking for : Mages Priest you can reply to the topic or pm : ElChayni ingame First pk vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMRGrO-vKi8
  13. -Dark Knight Drops +6 Hepas Raptor & Shard -Ewil Wizard Drops + 6 Hepas Exp Raptor & Shard -Assembling Dragon Scale Armors, Trial Armors, Mhytril Armors, Ron's Armors should be given +8th Grade, And The peaces like Refined stone shold be collected by Mattoch & Fishing Both. -Krowazs Fantastic Cube, Cuff Binder, Giga Hammers Fragment, Scarlet Moss, Night Mare Cristals, Krowaz Weapon Fragments Should be in Medikbash Keramash Nightmash. -Fosils Shold be in sundries Max 250 k Coins Please... I Think that will help people to connect game better ... If You are not agree please explain why?
  14. hello guys i cant take record because if you look ksces you will be sure im playing without effects whatever i wanted 2v2 with soapman06 but he called his priest and warrior (Sultan) wtf i wanted with soapman06 ? but he didnt played because Sultan's character full gear but items no problem for us as a result ; 4-0 By The Way after the vs they said 'he is tbl , cheater , etc (they spoken about my skill 80 (mana drain) i ksced and uploaded wait in 5 second i used two times ha look idiots
  15. Buy Items +2 Dual Rol +2 Dual SSE +8 Priest Krowaz Set +8 Gab's Adamant Sell Items +0 Iron Neck x 4 Pm : LostLegends Pm on forum.
  16. Sell +0 Iron Neck - 2x Pm in game : LostLegends Or send me a private Message.
  17. Hello Everyone; U have already seen the topic. We are waiting for karus players support. Thank you all. I wish luck my competitors. Arkadaşlar başlıkta belirttiğim gibi Kral adayı olarak LostLegends ' i gösterdik. Karus arkadaşlarımızdan desteklerini bekliyoruz. Hepinize teşekkürler. Rakiplerime başarılar diliyorum.
  18. Hi All, Welcome to the Apex Knight online recruitment post. I would just like to introduce you all you the new clan DynamiC . DynamiC are looking for Friendly, Active and skillful players to join our roster.Basically, We do accept noobs but only if they have good will to become advanced players, and want to take active part in our clan. We will supply all help and tools that is needed to everyone Working together . The main aims of this clan are as follows: 1. To bring your enjoyment of ApexKo to a whole new action 2. To work our way up the ranking system. 3. Help eachother when required. 4. Share the knowledge with eachother. We are currently recruiting: MAGES(OPEN) Priests [OPEN] (Buffer ) and (duffer but not more at least 1 active daily ) Although we seem like a very flexible clan, there are some very small rules/regulations we wish you to follow. - Always be Active unless notified otherwise. - Be polite to all clan members. - Must be talkative within clan chat. - Experienced at the game. - ENGLISH SPEAKING / Turkish Speaking , Low -Teamspeak is a must (you can find our ts3 ip in clan noticet) -ALL Days Available and Time's You Can Play at night - Know how to play mage and how to use novas (kinda obvious) This is only a very small clan recruitment post to introduce the El Karus Community to DynamiC , If you require any more details or information about the clan please do not hesitate to contact us (Contact details listed below). Interested? Reply to this topic, or better pm ingame (Skeleton- RawnZ- TheGreatEvil) Thank's , sorry for my bad english
  19. What is OTP? OTP ("one-time password") protection, is a form of "two factor authentication". Enabling OTP requires you to enter in a 6-digit code generated by your smartphone (or other device) every time you login to either the website or the game. Doing so drastically limits the ability for attackers to gain access to your account. How do I enable it? Simply login to the website and press "enable it now" on the red popup notification that shows on every page until it's enabled. Follow the prompts from there. :-) What's two factor authentication? The concept of two factor authentication is simple, but important to understand. Ordinarily (without two factor authentication), you require a username and password to login (that is, something you know). Two factor authentication adds an extra piece of information (in this case, a 6 digit code that expires every 30 seconds) that can only be obtained by something you physically have (e.g. a smartphone). That is, for an attacker to gain access to your account, they would not only need your username and password, but your smartphone too. This alone drastically reduces the risk of an attacker obtaining access to your account. If you have a smartphone (and most people do these days!), you should be using two factor authentication wherever it's supported (not just here at Apex KO!). What do I need to use OTP? You'll need a smartphone that supports Google Authenticator. We chose Google Authenticator because it's widely used and highly portable, so this shouldn't be a problem. That's it! What if I don't have a smartphone? Can I still use OTP? No problem -- while it's less secure than having a separate independent device, you will find that most operating systems do have an alternative. For example, for Windows users, there's WinAuth! Please note that we only directly support the Google Authenticator app, but no matter what you use, setting it up should be trivial (all you really need is the key we provide when you enable or reset it). Isn't it more complicated? Why bother? You might think so at first, but using the OTP code really only adds a couple more seconds to your login process. It really isn't much of an inconvenience at all, but having the ease of mind that your account is safe is certainly more than worth it! My codes don't work (or they only work some of the time) Your device most likely just needs to have its time synchronised with a time server. Google Authenticator has a feature under "Settings" to do this for you; at the time of writing, "Time correction for codes". If you're still having issues, please send us a support ticket and be sure to mention your device's model, what you're logging into (website? the game client?), and any other information that may be helpful (do you switch timezones frequently?). How do I use this on another device? You can only use OTP with one device at a time. To use it on another device, you will need to reset OTP protection, which will allow you to setup a new key on another device.
  20. Hello Guys! We will have a new live broadcast chanel. This night we will start broadcast at 21:00 (GMT+2) And we will start our first broadcast with assembling 18 x Krowaz Weapons Gab's Baal's Wirinom's Raum's Faun's Fulitol's Here is the link, please follow us https://www.twitch.tv/lostleqends
  21. Can we changed the drops of mattock / fishing please ? Instead of giving low rates for fragments / materials that needed to make df's,mythril,etc (since it's useless) why don't u just make the drop for krowaz materials / high rates to get frags? I think you'll earn more money on that if u rather to make it. Make sure gold mattock/rods gives more % than normal one.
  22. SoulSlayer swears to me i had the ss http://hizliresim.com/Zk0Vg0 http://hizliresim.com/o31ZPo http://hizliresim.com/ljVy2l http://hizliresim.com/nMBgV1 http://hizliresim.com/v5qLdO http://hizliresim.com/1vXkm1 http://hizliresim.com/LAL47J http://hizliresim.com/rM7VLB
  23. What do you think of adding a 10 3 seconds cooldown to /town if you get attacked by another player in CZ? Please vote in the poll. Thanks
  24. Hi, I joined the server about 2 days ago. It looks pretty good. I haven't played KO for a while and I've got a few questions and feedback. I understand these might have been discussed already but I couldn't find a proper answer to them by searching so correct me please if I'm missing something here. 1. I want to leave my Archer afk for more than 30 mins! Any tips? or must I buy pots and Genie hammer from store? 2. This auto loot fairy is pretty useless to Archers, seriously its range should be increased from 5 to 40m! Am I missing something here or is this the only option right now to auto loot? That old pet method was much better and fun! 3. The game is not soloable friendly. I think this is a reason people don't stay long and give up easily in any private server. I understand there are rental items which is a great idea but after all it's a farm server be it light or hard doesn't matter. It should be easier to farm without a party. The materials to manufacture Krowaz/Cursed weps can only be obtained in a good party. This doesn't favor new users and those who are in a bad time zone like me where there is not much activity in server. 4. Why is Krowaz zone an event and opens only during a certain time? it should be open 24/7 so whenever someone is free to farm enters it. I'm not sure what's the idea behind your server but I see it's based on USKO and if USKO was good, nobody would search or join a private server. After all it's supposed to be easier in private servers.
  25. Server ipin uçunu kaçırdı, herkes biliyor bu saatten sonra user çekmek çok çok zor. User demek Türk oyuncular demek bunu asla unutmaması lazım. Avrupada KO oynayan çok az insan var ama aesteris in hitap ettiği tek çevre Yabancılar. Oyunun tutulması için Şu saçma Light Farm muhabbetinden kurtulması gerekiyor. Dropları çekebildikleri en boktan seviyeye çektiler, üstelik çok yanlış bir zamanda, Yabancı oyunların item yapıp Türk oyuncuların oyuna başladığı dönemde. Boss dropları sonradan değişti, epey sonradan hemdei atı alan üsküdarı aştı. Sonradan aramıza karılan oyuncuları ayrı bir zulum daha yaşattılar. Hiçbir şey düşünülmeden yapılmadı, hiçbir şey. Oyunca user olmayışı aesteris in hoşuna mı gidiyor bilmiyorum ama bizim hiç hoşumuza gitmiyor. Belki o PUS dan çekilen itemlerin peşine düşmüş olabilir, yakında farkına varacaktır. Maden dropları rezalet, oyuna başlayanlar madene gidiyor ve ne görsün, Worm, Middle Class Scroll ve Abbssy Gem ? Şaka gibi. Diğer serverın en çok user çektiği konu bu, farkına varın artık ! adamlar madende meksika dalgası yapıyor bizde in cin top oynuyor, Neden ? Gem yüzünden, yapacağın işlem server ı batırmaz yada sana bir şey kaybettirmez aksine daha fazla user kesinlikle çekeceğine inanıyorum. Yapılması gereken madenden Abbsy gem yerine, Red, Blue, Yellow gem de atması. Generator ayarlarıyla oynayıp durumu dengeleyebilir. İkincisi artık dragonlar beş para etmiyor o yüzden balık tutmak için worm muhabbati kaldır, gem oranını yükselt, balıktan düşen buss oranını daha da düşürebilirsin. Exp itemler için istenilen gem sayısını arttırabilirsin. Boss lar herhangi bir yerde doğacak dediniz, hiçbir şey değişmedi. Geç farkedilen Cheat Engine gerçeğinide unutmayalım. ! Kalan 3-5 userda oyunu terk etmeye hazır durumda.. Server reklamları yanlış kişilere hitap ediyor, Facebookta hiç APEXKO nun reklamını görmedim. bu konuda aesteris in destek alması gerekiyor. KC ile Server reklamı ve paylaşım yarışması fikrinide ben başlatmıştım. Online GM (YOK) aranızda variya sistemi yada en azından 1 tane gm in hangi saatler arasında online olacağını yazan bir bildirge gönderseniz tüm kullanıcılara zor olmazdı sanırım. User olmadığı için maden droplarına düşük te olsa, KZ materyalleri eklenebilir. ! bence mükemmel olur, pt bulamayıp yada sırf yabancı dil bilmediği için pt ye alınmayan kullanıcılar var. Şu bir gerçek oyuna yeni başlayıp bırakan tüm kullanıcıların çoğu Türk. İP adreslerinden kontrol edip dediğimin doğru olduğunu anlayabilirsin. Türkçe arayüz çok az. Forumda Türk Userler için Türkçe arayüz mutlaka olmalı, Kullanıcı oyunu kapattıktan sonra otomatikman forum sayfası açılmalı. Google da üst sıralara çıkmak için. Aesteris çok acemi. DC pre satmak istiyorsan illa, BOSS Droplarını DC Preli userlar için daha avantajlı druma getirebilirsin, yada Gem Droplarını. zor değil. Sırf Görüntü için hiçbir özelliği olmayan Valkrie leri NPC de satın alınabilmeli. Bazı oyuncular görsel şeyleri sever. aklıma geldikçe yazarım. kolay gelsin. benim önerilerim bu yönde