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  1. Small Funny PK #SELL NCS

    Didnt get what's so funny so far,u running like little b1tch and when your cp is up turn back to archer with your gay boyfriend and gang him,wp dude u are the funny one...pathetic dumb
  2. Vote for CryMoreFORHONOR

    no thanks
  3. Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT

    Oh hai random,what's up?
  4. Rome(Farmer Invaders) Clan NPT

    Nothing much,this random LYS clan they are proud that they killed a sin clannie while they pking with 3xpriest...funny tho watching this image makes me laugh ,you must be way too much unskilled to pk with 3xpriest
  5. rly nice idea pal,since my character is on human side and im new arround and i rly want some items imma come too with my second character to help u and others and my self also
  6. goodluck to u and to your clannie pal
  7. LoseYourSelf VS All Clan in KO History

    free KC i guess :/
  8. Well im with basics gears,and when im pking i can carry only 100pot hp/mp 10cures and 5styx as archer,there is any chance reduce Weight at pots? I can't imagine how awful can be archer in wars when can't carry shits on him.. So my suggestion is Reduce Weight at Pots(hp/mp) and make it expensive
  9. Hello forgt my account info

    Hello,i've been here a year ago,i was looking yesterday server to play since i wanna start back KO and some friends told me that they are here,so i download the game to play.. The thing is that i forgot my account info,i also didnt knew the account in forum so i recover it via email,the thing is that the website doesnt work and i cant recover my pw,so there is any1 chance to help me?
  10. well yes gold im looking 2/3 skilled to play with ;p
  11. Hello so im back to the game and i was wondering if there is 2/3 skilled player on this KO so i can merge with them to pk ,pm me here or ingame hf bai. -iLoveMyBanana
  12. Valor( Merciless ) vs OttomanPlatoon

    haha,funny u...