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    soapman06 reacted to SacrificeProductions in Best player ingame !   
    priest: oldgregsmangina, parasitic, sirbangsalot, lillith
    warriors: hesperious, karambit, nolimit, soapman, chronicle
    rogues: MrWoodCock, AlwaysFamouS, zeppelin, Frombehind, Aziz
    Mage: QueenOfPain, fluffy
    Kurian: M( unfortunately ), black( when he mines )
    Priests: HeyYou, Pzhai, R6tety
    Warriors: PooDestroyer, TheSheenas, BadAss
    Rogues: Archilles, Elu, Bergundy
    Mages: VVV, ImAwesome, Laxus
    Kurians: ISIS, AYGIR
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    soapman06 reacted to Chronicle in Best player ingame !   
    Soapman06> m> black at the bottom right below xitrash!
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    soapman06 reacted to Aziz in BLACK THE HERO   
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    soapman06 reacted to Mr DooM in A Knight Online story (KO History)   
    that aint mic its a disco ball
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    soapman06 reacted to Alpha in AudaciousNoob - Racism - Swearing ( Irkçılık ve Küfür)   
    I've been a KO player in the past i know how this goes down however it will be easier for us (the staff) and for you (the players),if we hold back on such language.
    I know in the end this is not "serious" talk,it's pretty much Knight Online language.
    @Tobol i'll just ask you to not do it again,thank you.
    Topic closed.
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    soapman06 reacted to Xitam in AudaciousNoob - Racism - Swearing ( Irkçılık ve Küfür)   
    Because nobody ever said " fuck americans" " Fuck XX", yeah right. 
    grow some balls. >.>
    p.s; tu mama
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    soapman06 reacted to InvictiS in Vote king event !   
    Same :-)
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    soapman06 reacted to Aziz in Aziz - Video of a VS with M :D   
    Im not sure if to laugh on that or actually cry about that :(
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    soapman06 got a reaction from Luster in Hellfire wings change to chaos wings   
    3 post jay,.. #postcountgame
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    soapman06 reacted to ItzMrRocket in Hellfire wings change to chaos wings   
    I would like to suggest that the hellfire wings dont look all that great,
    Changing them to the chaos wings (THE BIG GOLD BATTLE HERO WINGS)
    Cuz those wings just look plain amazing
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    soapman06 reacted to Aesteris in Leonards / BP   
    Int BPs are fine as they are; you can't expect tanks to hit like trucks (though IRL they do )
    (paper) STR BPs could use either a bit of a damage output upgrade (to compensate the lack of paper defense armors), or some more defense like paper defense armors to make them a little less paper-y. Other than that I'm unwilling to touch anything
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    soapman06 reacted to KrepiN in change cz chest to new apex chest?   
    that i dont like..  its fine with cz being old ones.. makes people go to events..

    CS already drops them so people go to cz for that
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    soapman06 reacted to MeeP in Totally new player   
    1.)  After my rental gear's time wears off, will I be able to rent it again? Or will it completely disappear? If it does I will be screwed and left with naked char, not be contest the game mobs? 
    You can rent new rental gear from a ronark land town npc (not the one who says rentals, though), this one costs 500k and will last 6 hours. Forgot the name but Im sure you can find it.
    2.) I need to farm noahs to be able to get some good gear. What is the best place to do it?  As I've read a good place to do it is Blood seekers in Colony Zone so I've tried it, but orcs camp that spot and kill me all the time, thus not letting me work for better gear. So it there another suitable and good place where I can farm safely?
    Just forget that your dieing and keep going back. If possible go during the mornings (europe timezone) when there is less people. To get nice profits you need to take risk. What I do is have sound on so when someone starts hitting me I will hear it and try to make an escape . Im assuming you know that genie is free (the built in "KOXP").
    3.) Often People talk about GB = Gold Bars. But how do they get gold bars? I do not see any npc merchant selling gold bars. I've seen silver bar, but never gold bar, so how can I get those gold bars? 
    It's just a shorter way to say 100m, there are no actual gold bars in this server that you can obtain.
    4.) What is the best place for me to farm exp? Should I go solo exp'ing or try to find a party?
    Try find an Evil Wizard party in eslant, say that you just want the exp and fill your invetory with bronze coins (so you can say your not taking their loot).
    5.) As a new player, what will be my goal to aim for armor? Should I start saving for +7 shells or Mythrill? Or Rosetta? I will not try to get Krowaz, because as I've seen it's really expensive, don't even think I can save in the next couple of months noahs for even 1 part
    At this point I would say: don't spend money on armor. Attend BDW and FT and make a +6 rosetta set. You may have to sell a part or buy a part if you get too many of a single one. Rentals will do fine until you have a set of +6 rosetta. Krowaz is out of your ballpark (or even out of most people's budget to be honest).
    6.) What is Forgotten Temple? What can I get from it? How can I join that event?
    It's an event where monsters will spawn in intervals, the final monster is Volcanic Rock that will hit really hard, you don't want to shoot it with arrows or use any kind of far attack else it will AOE nova. You get a blue chest and 2 apex chests which you need for a chance at krowaz materials and rosettas. Before the event begins you will see a popup at the top of your screen with a timer and a Join button. Click that and wait to see if you get in or get rejected (happens). For event times click on the hourglass on the top right side. You may have to convert timezones if your not in GMT +2. 
    7.) What is Juraid Mountain? What can I get from it? How can I join that event?
    Jurad Mountain registration is different from BDW and FT. When the notice comes that Jurad will start (10 minutes from the first notice) you must go to your main capital (Lufterson or El Morad Castle) and teleport to Estlant gate and to Eslant from there. Just in the opposite side of the teleport gate (same distance from town center) that takes you out of Eslant is the NPC that will let you register for Jurad. Once registered a pop-up comes and you see how many people have registered and how long you have until it starts. In Jurad you will have to defeat monsters in 3 different rooms with hopefully a full party of your nation players to get to the final room where a boss called Deva is sitting. This is a race who can get there first. If your nation's team is there first then you will kill Deva fast as possible and win 2x Silvery gems (lvl 79+ is silvery) which you can trade like the Apex Chests at the Chaos Generator for uniques. If both orcs and humans get there at the same time when Deva is still up you will have to fight for it. Whoever kills Deva or has more kills when the timer runs out will win. For the list of uniques you can just google it (best items you can get are String of Skulls, Cocatrice Earring and Minotaurs Earring).
    8.) What is BDW? What can I get from it? How can I join that event?
    BDW is an event that occures in a smaller area. A central monument will be occupied and a short timer will start a count down. Once the count down finishes who ever occupied the monument will win and end the event. In case the monument goes back and fourth between both nation partys the winner will be whoever has more kills when the general timer runs out. Joining works the same as in FT. You get 2x of those new Apex Chests and a red chest for winning.
    9.) What events should I look for and join?
    All of them: ED (Jurad), FT, BDW, Chaos (can only join once a day, though). Do the CZ daily and weekly quests also to get more apex chests.
    10.) What daggers should I get? I see people are often selling Hrunting dagger for 300-500m. Is it worth it? Once I farm that noahs, should I buy 2x? Also is hrunting dagger upgradable? What is the max. upgrade it can be?
    Right now I wouldnt pay more than 200m for a Hrunting dagger. Feel free to buy them they are pretty nice for the money, but bare in mind that the value of these will keep decreasing since more and more are added to the game with the new Apex Chests that give these. You can't upgrade them, but the general max in this server is +9 or +11 reverse which is the same as +9.
    11.) What accessories should I get? Rings? Earrings? Belt?
    Old uniques for now: Skeleton belt, Elf Metal Earrings, Ring of Life's, Warrior pendant.
    12.) If I do 70 & 80 quest for personal weapon, and as I know my luck it will break going to +2, then is there another way of my getting that personal weapon (besides buying it from other player) ?
    You can't buy these from other players. But you can redo the quests once you either rebirth your character (lvl 83 100%, 10k nps, 100m) which you can do 5 times. Or  do the weekly CZ quest where you need to kill 400 opponent nation players (not that hard if you join random partys). 
    13.) How should I distribute my skill points, being assassin once I reach 83 level? 80 assassin, 36 explore, 23 master?
    Yeah, that's standard I guess.
    14.) How should I set up my skill bar on lvl 83? So that I can be able to perform good in battles. What skills should I use more often?
    May be something like this?
    Bar F1:
    - 1. Light feet
    - 2. Eskrima
    - 3. Critical Hit
    - 4. Spike
    - 5. Blind
    - 6. Bloody Beast
    - 7. Hp pot
    - 8. Mana pot
    - 9. Cure
    - 10. Minor heal
    This is a question of personal preference, use skillbars that work for you. You can go practice your combo on the dummys outside moradon, next to the arenas.
    15.) What is kc? Knight cash? How can I get it?
    Knight Cash is the ingame Power Up Store currency. You either buy it from the PUS ingame for USD (left bottom button next to the M) or from other players.
    16.) Upon creating my character I got some sweet Wings. But I see they have some timer on them, meaning they will one day wear off. From where and how can I get such wings again?
    Either buy with knight cash from the ingame PUS or do achievements and use the 7 day battle wings you get from some of those (type /achieve to bring out the menu). Also about achievements you should kill 10k mobs without dieing and unlock the expert achievement for 40 def bonus. To apply achievement bonuses press U and select Achieve from the character info menu where you find a list, select the bonus and click apply.
    Welcome to ApexKO!
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    soapman06 reacted to Chronicle in Leonards / BP   
    ^^ that right there gave me a good deep chuckle lol
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    soapman06 reacted to blackaq in Leonards / BP   
    only if you sell me kc
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    soapman06 reacted to Blue in Leonards / BP   
    you're crazy.. kurian are not op... a lvl 60 kurian can kill a lvl 83 warrior.. but no.. they are not op... 
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    soapman06 got a reaction from Sick in S> Krowaz Assassin Pauldron and Boots +6   
    I got Gauntles +7 for priest
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    soapman06 got a reaction from Sick in Sick's B/S List   
    I got Krowaz Priest Gaunts +7
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    soapman06 got a reaction from novas7 in Can we make server a bit less farm heavy?   
    you only need 1 for Krowaz.
    Dragons scale mythril trial and rons are costing a fortune to make and its not even 50% when u Make
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    soapman06 reacted to SPANKME in Warrior KLEY Stole IN   
    ????????? I'm sure when you go bifrost and farm for 2h, you will gladly just give all drops to new guy from random clan.
    Time to get real perhaps?
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    soapman06 reacted to Aesteris in New things for cz !!!!   
    NP for items (straight up) won't be implemented, perhaps, in due time, the medals (which gives you a chance at something good), but we're not a PK server so this kind of 'progression' isn't something I want to see in this server.
    The big monsters (enigma, cruel, havoc, hell fire) currently have 2 drops per kill assigned to them, the smaller monsters (Nigmash, Keramash, somethingothermash) also drop these items, but not at the same rate (theirs is rather low). I've made both the smaller and bigger monsters of equal strength as they are on official. The fact they all aggro is something which happens on official too (and is intended as far as I can gather). Perhaps the smaller mobs can get a drop rate boost but with an increase in rate comes an increase to the influx of Krowaz weapons - not something I'd like to see so soon after their release.
    Chaos Stone could use a rework indeed, and the suggestions put forward seem pretty good to me - I'll take a look at what I can do to spice it up
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    soapman06 reacted to SPANKME in New things for cz !!!!   
    I think both NoLimit & Devo are right on this one, CZ needs some spice. But i think changing NP's into straight items is bad way to do it.
    Since the krowaz -patch came, i noticed that its only possible for 2 teams to farm havoc, hellfire, cruel etc at the same time.
    Current method allows 16 people to farm them, that's quite low imo. Resolution for this would be farming the mobs around the bosses, nigamash or whatever it was called.
    That way many parties could enjoy farming krowaz in peace without getting ksed/raided by other parties. (these mobs should be nerfed tho, they keep 1-hitting people when touched).
    About CZ:
    Chaos-stone is plain boring now, it spawns 90% of useless bosses no-one bothers to even kill anymore.
    Replace barrk, barkirra, lobo, lupus, lycaon, shaula, lesath into -> harpy queen, troll king, talos, DF, DT, SQ. (ofc lower the drops quite drastically on these).
    I think that alone would get bowl interesting place to hang around again.
    Let me know what you think about it.
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    soapman06 reacted to blackaq in New things for cz !!!!   
    we dont care what your opinion is xitrash
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    soapman06 reacted to muffzord in New things for cz !!!!   
    both ideas are good, i would also add krowaz armor to the apexis chests with low % rate
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    soapman06 reacted to k22k in ApexKO Trailer   
    Hey folks,
    I made a short trailer to the server. It is completely filmed by my characters perspective and doesn't go too deep into the details. However, I hope it will help some new players find the way to the server. Feel free to give your opinions are share it wherever you can/want