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    soapman06 got a reaction from Sick in change Krowaz rent armors   
    might as well make it +9s...
    I dont even have a full set or krowaz... im still rocking Dragon scale +7/8 
    giving them Krowaz 6/7 is stupid and unfair... 
    I should just sell my armors and just rent them.
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    soapman06 reacted to blackaq in Krowaz gear for isi time !   
    bitch please, aziz is not even close to my level
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    soapman06 reacted to Xitam in Aziz - VS Video   
    oh damn. 138 illuminati, right?
    I didn't know that, glad i have shitload of fps in ko. 
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    soapman06 reacted to Sick in Best player ingame !   
    My step father hit's harder than Aziz
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    soapman06 reacted to SacrificeProductions in PerfectStrangers - Recruting[Karus]   
    someone is still mad cause i beat them in vs
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    soapman06 reacted to Mr DooM in Krowaz gear for isi time !   
    Lets make rentals krowaz +7 so items will lose their value!
    I dislike this idea tbh. No matter if people have krowaz set or not, it doesnt compensate for lack of skill
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    soapman06 reacted to Aesteris in AYGIR Cheats   
    Yay, now that this mystery is solved, the secret to being a super-duper OP Kurian is go in devil mode, go full MP, and spam the DoTs as much as you can (the devil mode increases DoTs by the same % it increases heals, which yes, I got from testing on official). Makes sense now then that MP is a requirement on Krowaz Portu armor
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    soapman06 reacted to Aziz in PerfectStrangers - Recruting[Karus]   
    black´s a 6 year old girl 
    (cam can confirm that)
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    soapman06 reacted to Sick in PerfectStrangers - Recruting[Karus]   
    PerfectStrangers is Currently recruiting average players who are willing to learn and improve at PK. If players are in a clan party that drops items, the items will be expected to be put in Clan Bank and those who were in the clan party will have a chance to receive that item after the clan has discussed it over. Really simple loot rules and we expect you to follow these rules. New players will have a 2 week minimal probationary period where we watch them from activeness and expect everyone to help others in the clan. Once every month we be looking over our roster and seeing who is fit for our Main PK party.


    Team Speak (Duffers must have a mic and we will expect everyone in the party to be in TS).
    Be active. Sure we can't all play as much as we would like to. But 2 hours a day is not asking for much.
    English speaking. We have players from all around the globe.

    A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living.

    Currently Seeking

    Priest [Medium Priority]
    Support mage [High Priority]
    Warrior [Medium Priority]
    Rogue [Low Priority]

    PM - MrWoodPenis,King,G4shi or Sick, In Game
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    soapman06 reacted to 666rosebug in PerfectStrangers - Recruting[Karus]   
    best clan on karus side and probably the nicest in game i recommend all karus join it !!
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    soapman06 reacted to BadAss in PerfectStrangers - Recruting[Karus]   
    Good luck guys! Hope you do well in recruiting. I would PM Soapman06 or Sick if I were you, Slaughterhouse(Tobin) will send you flame letters in response. Just sayin... lol
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    soapman06 reacted to KrepiN in AYGIR Cheats   
    is that dot skill not spamable? 
    if so i +1 on this topic. he have spammed me few times too.. so i get 3-500 dog 4-5 times.. cant outpot that
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    soapman06 got a reaction from Sick in Krump Vs Isiloon   
    I literally walked in the door drunk as a skunk hahha
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    soapman06 reacted to Sick in Krump Vs Isiloon   
    LOL In the middle against 3 party's with just our 1 party and you expect us to switch much better? It can't be done any better 8x3 + extras.. good luck focusing someone. Not to mention 60% of our party was drunk af and it wasn't necessarily our prime hour (3 am?). Next time we will just run threw everyone so we can have your approval kk? <3 The only follow ups I seen bad in that clip was on the humans part. How do you out number orcs by triple the people and can't manage to get more than 3 melee on the same target? Now that's what you should be concerned about.
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    soapman06 reacted to Sick in What would YOU like to see next?   
    Umm Warriors are fine. What is your gear*I was in +8s/9s*? A little lost why people think sins should hit as hard as warriors. Your a utility class. Blinds, CP, Armor Cancel, Stealth, Beast Hiding, Magic Shield, Drain, Illusion. Add it up
    Anyways back on topic. I vote custom Forgotten temple.
    No point having silly ass leech kings and low lvl mobs(just makes me want to turn my genie on and do nothing). I always wanted to play on a gg server with a customized FT. Keep the current stages and even the spawn times. But go with different mobs. Maybe more aoe mobs, something that keeps everyone working as a team rather than 5% of the players in FT carrying everyone. A lot of work I understand, testing, making sure it's doable by your average geared players. That alone will change the game up a lot.
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    soapman06 reacted to blackaq in What would YOU like to see next?   
    remove free genie.
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    soapman06 reacted to SpookyBig in What would YOU like to see next?   
    good suggestion to improve the server. good one mate
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    soapman06 reacted to k22k in Magician's perspective - ApexKO movie contest entry   
    Hey! This is my entry for the ApexKO movie contest. The main aim of this video is to show how many people participate different events and that mage is a great class to play both solo and in party, in the world of ApexKO. (Hinting it doesn't have to be "warriorKO" as some have stated). Many of my great clips got corrupted due to Fraps errors but I hope you guys still find it entertaining. I jumped out of my usual habits and didn't edit any particular effects into this movie in order to make it easier to follow and understand. Cheers and good luck to all other participants of the contest! Hope to see more entries soon!

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    soapman06 reacted to 666rosebug in Ninja Looters   
    What? I wasn't even there you delusional half-brained ass.
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    soapman06 reacted to Luster in Ninja Looters   
    @Root It seems like in this server, most people usually do clan parties anyways so I really think It would be beneficial to switch to your idea.
    +1 at 1minssilienceankur. Yougotpwned,aziz, blackaq are all liars. Don't have to believe me but they were in our clan also for a short period of time so we know from experience.
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    soapman06 reacted to twostars in Ninja Looters   
    I think rather than banning people for this, which isn't really fair (generally speaking, anyway), it would be better to take a step back and look at how we can help to prevent this type of behaviour.
    With the loot system being round robin, this type of thing is always going to happen, so perhaps it's worth considering letting the party leader change the loot system if they feel they need to (e.g. to a master looter type system [party leader controls who gets loot, but then obviously the party leader can ninja], or perhaps a personal loot system [everyone has a chance to get their own loot, though this probably wouldn't work as well for KO considering all loot is tradeable -- this kind've ends up being more like the system it's at right now, just more RNG]).
    The problems then come down to trying to make this as easy-to-use with KO as possible (since it's not something KO natively supports/allows for), but I think giving parties options in terms of the loot system is a step in the right direction for tackling this specific problem.
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    soapman06 reacted to NoLimit in Ninja Looters   
    +1 Zaikooo, The ideea with deleting the items its wrong, bcz the other ppl from party work hard to get those items! Just ban them and thats all, they are here only to be sure the server ending!!! With Krump as i know they got some little things from cb, but start to kick ppl from clan(they fked up one of the biggest clan on server), and yesterday with Addicted they scammed the cb again. Now the question for Aesteris is, What do you think ban 3,4ppl or lose like 20+ppl or more in the next weeks!!!!
         AND PLEASE GUYS DONT ADD AZIZ & YOUGOTPWNDBYMYASS TO YOUR CLAN!!! They are here only to ruin the server
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    soapman06 reacted to Zaikooo in Ninja Looters   
    Scammers or ninja looters shoulld be illegal and get banned.
    I heard Aziz and yougotpwndbymyass scammed krump and addicted.
    Really dissapointed in those guys i thought they where different probabaly is was wrong.
    We Dont need people like them in the server.
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    soapman06 reacted to Sirbangalot in Ninja Looters   
    As far as blacks picture goes, the reason i didn't kick miracle was because i knew he was trusty, and he was. I'm not gonna single people out im asking for a discussion on wether the rules need to be changed or not.
    That pic was from a long time ago and wasn't ninja'd. And in my clan KRUMP it hasn't happened. I agree randoms in a party its your fault, you made the mistake. I mean specifically fellow clan members. Why should clans work hard to get people on, and then members decide they want it or whatever. Quit clan/name change or just dgaf. 
    I wont "QQ" it hasn't happened to us. But rewarding dishonesty and selfishness with a blind eye is ridiculous. Don't think its fair to these smaller clans who don't get shit if luck and timing don't go right there way. They work hard for items, they work hard just to recruit new members and unfortunately sometimes  you don't know a persons character till they get a valuable item. 
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    soapman06 reacted to tobol in Best player ingame !   
    I keep laughing when I see some of the nicknames posted in here