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    soapman06 reacted to Devo in Athena, Aesteris için Türkçe'ye çevir Lütfen.   
    Isnt that why Aesteris is working on new content?
    It took the server dropping to 10 players before they finally admitted defeat and suggested a reboot.
    They will do what ever they can to draw in players, and as far as i can tell out of all the servers i played,
    this is by far the best one.
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    soapman06 reacted to HenkaN in For you Aziz   
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    soapman06 reacted to Xitam in For you Aziz   
    and here's my fucking list;
    And fucking andrew is lost somewhere below soap.
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    soapman06 reacted to Sick in PerfectStrangers - Recruting[Karus]   
    A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living.
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    soapman06 reacted to IronCastle in Suggestion for all of the top clans on both nations.   
    We all know the state of the game and we all want to help get more players/ make server super active. Which is good, but i do notice alot of us complain about certain things that we feel are lacking in the server( i.e new players with decent gear ).
    Now aesteris and the others have done alot to help remedy that issue, but now things should also fall on us as the top clans, the ones that set an example.
    What i am proposing is that we make an agreement between both sides to:
    1. make some krowaz farm pts and help the new players gain some of the materials to make their own krowaz so they can be on par with some of us.
    2. Let's help the new players level abit( we got alot of free time especially when cz gets slow ) that would then get more players on both side pking since 83 is a dream, but you really only need 80 to be able to contend.
    3. chaos stone bosses now we all know not everyone is in the +1/2's they want to have, but how about we get the low guys in our pts sometimes and help them out with getting a boss drop or 2( yea i know the argument we farmed ourselves well why can't they? ) which obviously makes sense, but we forget alot of people came to the server alone and it's not easy to get a boss drop when a full pt starts to ks you.
    Now for my last suggestion,
    4. we know we can have atleast 2 clans in our alliance( 1 graded, 1 non graded ). Why don't we make 1 non graded clan for helping the new people level( such as the chick clan that people are in at lvl 1 that doesn't exist since they start at 60 ).
    I believe it will benefit both sides to help out their nations population. Instead of saying people need to figure it out themselves let's help the new players, not by giving them free items or anything, but by giving them a chance to earn it all like we had to.
    Any more suggestions are highly appreciated( flames are not appreciated or welcome since they won't benefit anyone ).
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    soapman06 reacted to BloodLess in Looking for a Farm / Social clan.   
    Activity is a must for me.. I play at all times of the day, unless I'm at work, You can't hate farming.. It's something we all have to do, unless you're Rich, which I am not. Don't care what nation, hit me up on here. don't have a char in game yet.
    I've been playing Assassin / Priest for about 11 years now. So if either is in great demand. I will make that one for a clans sake. I do not currently have a mic, Let's face it, Life has kicked me in the balls, as it has everyone else. Will get one a.s.a.p
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    soapman06 reacted to blackaq in For you Aziz   
    k here goes my list
    M > soapy > xitrash > this random > me
    aziz is disqualified cos he uses koxp, gm pedal, aimbot and wallhack.
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    soapman06 reacted to Aziz in For you Aziz   
    how dare you forgetting black?
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    soapman06 reacted to 666rosebug in For you Aziz   
    what you're all forgetting is that im the real gg sin, i hit 14 skill always definitely never failed one in my life and you all have simply learned from my scarecrow videos. thank me later.
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    soapman06 reacted to ZeroHDaOne in For you Aziz   

    Gel vssssss DD HELMET??!?!
    Anyhow i did this before it was cool.
    What i'd love is for Apex to run a PK server,equal gear and lets have some fun.
    Aziz before you say anything stupid,this was before you unlocked your Blody,after that you won me quite often but once i've opened it you were once again losing.
    So derp,train more get getter,i'll come woop your ass again <3
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    soapman06 reacted to Devo in Krowaz gear for isi time !   
    Evry topic gets bashed by Aziz, Blackaq and Spookybig. -.-
    With stuff no one cares about.
    As for the suggestion. Hell no, So you want to denie people who work hard for their gear, the advantage of having better gear ^^.
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    soapman06 reacted to ItzMrRocket in change Krowaz rent armors   
    You guys dont fucking realize, if everyone stops donating WHAT U THINK THE SERVER RUNS OFF THE FUCKING AIR? if theres no money provided to the server, u think its gonna stay up?
    just cuz u guys dont work u guys sit on ur ass all day and dont do shit, dont have no money, all you guys do is cry "baba baba baba", and if u CHOOSE not to donate then thats on you, then go fucking farm, dont be a fucking hater just cuz people have better gear than you. 
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    soapman06 reacted to ItzMrRocket in The Pride of Apexko!   
    show me first please, ingame trade thnx
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    soapman06 reacted to MrWoodcock in For you Aziz   
    Lmao rose
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    soapman06 reacted to Manhattan in For you Aziz   
    I see this Aziz getting a lot of attention for absolutely no reason which dumbs down this whole community. These new generation of sins, who fills ApexKO, know practicaly nothing about the class and have never touched the keyboard with more than 3 fingers on it. Sin VS became basically pointless and is now much like a warrior vs. Around 3 years ago I could count in a single hand the actual clever and skilled assassins but now there's nothing more to it, all you gotta do is watch what those sins did, get their combo order and buy a macro to do the rest.
    This explains why so many bad sins are now getting so much attention.
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    soapman06 reacted to Athena in For you Aziz   
    Shots fired
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    soapman06 reacted to Karambit in The Pride of Apexko!   

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    soapman06 reacted to k22k in The Pride of Apexko!   
    If you look at SpookyFish's profile you may see that every single of his post is a blame or insult. So don't mind this retard, he doesn't know anything or anyone in this server
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    soapman06 reacted to 666rosebug in Chitin Shield   
    you dunno about the raptor+aegis combo? its op bro try it. just make sure when you create your character you choose the one with three arms. good luck.
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    soapman06 reacted to xParasitic in change Krowaz rent armors   
    It's this mentality that's been dragging the server down ever since you started the whole rental bullshit. It kills the farm, no one farms for anything, and all the farming is done in cz. If there was farm, there'd be PK, and people would have their gear. When you hand out gear a few weeks after everyone busted their asses to get it, it's kind of a slap in the face to those of us who worked for what we have, not to mention makes everyone else lazy. Every time you just give in to everyone that whines, more people who were already here stop being as active, you're not gaining/adding to the player base, you're trading active players for new players who only attend war/events that give free gear. Not much you can do about this, it's the community that needs a fix.
    Get off your lazy asses, get to farming, and quit crying when you get rolled in cz by a better geared party; get back up, try again. 
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    soapman06 reacted to Aziz in Aziz - VS Video   
    I can help you out with the pedal 
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    soapman06 reacted to Aesteris in change Krowaz rent armors   
    I actually don't mind changing it to Rosetta (+6) / Rosetta (+7) for the events; We'll see how turnup is when we make the change and evaluate
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    soapman06 got a reaction from Sick in change Krowaz rent armors   
    might as well make it +9s...
    I dont even have a full set or krowaz... im still rocking Dragon scale +7/8 
    giving them Krowaz 6/7 is stupid and unfair... 
    I should just sell my armors and just rent them.
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    soapman06 reacted to blackaq in Krowaz gear for isi time !   
    bitch please, aziz is not even close to my level
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    soapman06 reacted to Xitam in Aziz - VS Video   
    oh damn. 138 illuminati, right?
    I didn't know that, glad i have shitload of fps in ko.