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    soapman06 reacted to Aesteris in Mining and fishing discussion.   
    Thank you for expressing your views - there is a difference between "blocking someone from passive farming" and having an acceptable rate promoting active game play rather than passive. Your views most likely don't represent the entirety of the server, and although "even USKO doesn't require rainworms" in USKO the golden rod vouchers are worthless for a reason (it's shit compared to mining). I do agree that we need to ensure other ways to farm these items are there available for everyone across multiple slots though - which is something we'll be going over for sure!
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    soapman06 reacted to Mr DooM in Archer Clan   
    dont hop on the hype train yet,
    still waiting for razor to agree being leader
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    soapman06 reacted to LadyCandice in OttomanPlatoon Human Mele Clan   
    Yerimi ayırdınız mı
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    soapman06 reacted to blackaq in WreckeD Apex V2 - Currently not recruiting.   
    Andrew > you.
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    soapman06 reacted to LazyCake in Clan plox 19,12   
    Hey guys since we gonna have the fresh start on the server i decided to come back to playing. As few of you know i am GG magelar with uber skillz but ill need some slaves to exp me up.      In case you gonna build some good crew don't hesitate to hit me! See you pals!
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    soapman06 reacted to Blue in RE-LAUNCH? Discuss!   
    Have you thought that making a new server... and after 1 month, merge apex and the new server??   it maybe good for all of us... new players would have a good gear.. and the old ones would come back to a more populated server... 

    LIKE THIS IF YOU AGREE !!!!!!!!! 
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    soapman06 reacted to CandyKing in BloodLine is recruiting ACTIVE PLAYERS.   

    He's not some1 you would call happy person.
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    soapman06 reacted to Holland in Polemic Video Time   
    Funniest shit i ever heard bro hahahahahahahha you are some fucking funny guy.
    No serious, get a fucking life dude stop crying.