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  1. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    ty pot tbl.
  2. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    ty drama. np
  3. Dj old pics

    dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! np
  4. Cartel clan 2v2

    np MDMA
  5. Cartel 8vs8 LoseYourSelf 12k kc bet!

    hmm, nice drama. np
  6. jesus, nice warrior sync = 0 ps : karim sucks
  7. Is there anyone around here...

    ty black for the drama. np
  8. Is there anyone around here...

    typing here just so i dont forget to read the next chapters.
  9. Apex New Patch!

    nice changes, bring alpha back and its all good. JK.
  10. S > adamant +7 S > 2x opal earring +2 cheap for kc. msg me.
  11. Beat this juraid record

  12. Guide to EWENT