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    Mining and fishing discussion.

    I agree with the mining and fishing rates need to be less beneficial so players have to kill mobs. This is not an afk game. And we don't want players setting up VM's so can have multiple accounts fishing or mining to get items or money. Similar mobs in eslant to CZ would be good, with lower drop rates on items. New players won't go CZ to farm if get killed over and over, coz players that been there for 1 month already geared and just interested in nps now. Need alternative for them, so eslant farming be good.
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    Quest bugs

    Got bored so tried to do some quests, and found these not working..... 1. Fallen Spirit of Flame (2) quest broken, Kill 80 Balrogue, Can accept quest, but kills of Barlogs don't count. Name of the monster is mispelled too. Quest is accepted at NPC [Ascetric]Veda. 2. Also from same NPC [Ascetric]Veda. The quest [Failed Mission] Attack of Barbarians does not start when you click it. (unsupported chain quest) 3. Knock, and the foor will Open 1 and 2. Quest received from [Kaishan's Daughter] Menissiah. No Ore drop from mining to exchange for Ore magic power extrct. So cannot complete quest. I thought the ..... potions was them, But the NPC does not accept as the extracts. 4. Gaining Trust. Quest taken from Potrang in Moradon Castle. You talk to 4 NPC's to gain trust token and return to him for reward. The NPC's don't give the token. (unsupported chain quest) 5. Manticore Hunt, Kill 20 Manticore, Quest taken from [Guard] Hashan at Linate. Killing Manitcore or DTC doesnt count up this quest. 6. Pocket money that cannot be spent. Collect Saddy's Extra Money. The NPC Sadi i believe is suspose to give you the 'Saddy's Extra Money' item to give to her parents. No item is given so cannot continue with quest. (unsupported chain quest) 7. Saving Leia's parents, Defeat the Ape King, King Aif. Apes drop the prison key, but cannot open the cage to release Leia's father.(unsupported chain quest) 8. Monster Suppression Squad (1), No monsters in this instance.
  3. [Descendant of Hero] The more the merrrier. Quest bugged. Optained from [Moradon Merchant] Shaimer after completing a previous quest, its a part of a whole chain of quests Where you get the Shell troll armors. http://imgur.com/UiQ5Xs9
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    Farming elixir staffs?

    Think i told u this in PM already, In eslant farm AOC, AOF, Brahman, Paramun, they will drop salamanders and elixirs
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    dissappearing monsters

    The monsters are still there, its only viewable on certain angles, like something blocking view of falcon, but if run around to view at diff angle falcon appears. Had this with talos, put chill on him, then he vanished, but i still doing dot damage, ran back further and he reappeared slowly walking after me.
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    Nightmare (2) quest broken

    Nightmare (2) quest broken, Kill 80 Buro, Can accept quest, but kills of Buro don't count. Nightmare (1) quest worked fine.
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    Check this guy PaoHuiGeCN

    probably using macro keyboard presses a key and does 1rr1rr1rr1 causing the jitter animation movement. Sins use it too, but its like 1rr2rr3rr4rr5rr6. I don't have a macro keyboard so dunno if works, but seen in other games.