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  1. Stiv

    ED/BDW/CHAOS with 1 person

    bump, this needs to be done atleast temporary
  2. Soon melody will be like "hey kid! Yes you. Do you want to "fly away"? Take this. It's called ring of life, it's good stuff i tell you. Come back for more if you wanna get high again."
  3. Stiv


    Dang out of 44 +6 items only 7 went to +7, thats slightly less than 16% meh.
  4. Stiv


    Account in use since yesterday. Aesteris i summon thee!
  5. It has like 10x or even 20x less HP (mayby even def) than it supposed to have compared to Samma you can find on human eslant and CZ.
  6. Stiv

    CZ exp truce

    @Devo Orcs are way more active in EU time at CZ, newcomers should create orc chars if they want to farm, its so easy to change sides atm thanks to lvl jump. I really dont see the problem it just takes little bit of effort. Lets say your main is at human side and you are lvl 77, you get constantly raided by orcs, humans consist mostly of newcomers and the older players that help them. What do you do for exp? fishing/mining,attending to events, genie party at eslant or do quests there,monster stone instance and mostly patience (it's possible to get high lvl without exping at all by doing most of the things mentioned above in few weeks, thats what i did when there was no lvl jump) What do you do to farm? fishing/mining, juraid, create orc char (same class as your main on human side so you can transfer gear from your main trough letter system and use it to farm at CZ) and lvl jump at lvl 50 to 73 which should be easy voila but all those advices are useless when newcomers are bored because of low ammount of people in the same shoes as them, thats the real problem here
  7. Stiv

    CZ exp truce

    Midgard took most of the players (however soon F2P players will give up since it should be really hard to log in) but there are other reasons, many private servers opened in this month and ppl wanna try them.
  8. Stiv


    Legend says that someone saw atilla at elmorad, i want to meet the guy Now seriously admins should think about randomize the spawn rate on main nation zones aswell.
  9. Stiv

    CZ exp truce

    It's not the reason they quit, its because the server is empty, as long as this server wont recive big wave of players they wont stay for long. Anyways when it comes to exp i think that eslant rates should be the same as CZ ones, and CZ should be just for farming items and getting NP's.
  10. Stiv


    Server seems empty yet yesterday i didnt saw a single boss at eslant lol. Server down.
  11. Stiv

    Can't climb up the stairs [e.g. in Juraid Mountain]

    Perhaps changing the settings of your cores usage at task manager will help, 1-2 cores should be enough for KO.
  12. Stiv

    To Rabbit.

    Pls nerf david a.q
  13. Stiv

    suggestions to help newcomers

    I think that devs should focus on advertising this server on turkish KO forums and get active turkish GM. I get turkish PM's everyday, less than a half of them understand english and i canno't rly help them. P.S Melody's selling site is probably better adverised than the server itself lol.
  14. He was camping eslant today for long period of time, im pretty sure its orc alt for boss hunting and for sabotaging human ED's, bdw's. There's a orc mage named TNT perhaps its his alt Logs can tell.