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  1. JackTh3Ripp3r

    About a command that should be enabled

    This used do work on many private servers and USKO... Idk why it should not work here also ? Because it makes anoyng when u die do wait 5 sec or more do get back on battle ...
  2. If its posible do enable /unview command would be nice ... Because when u die u have do wait like 10-20 seconds before be abble do use skills,scrools,etc...
  3. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Making human clan for farm purpose

    warcrawl pm me or post here ur in-game name
  4. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Making human clan for farm purpose

    As title say since humans dont really cares about having active pk, i will make one human clan for farm purpose for boss events,warrs, and bigg bosses(felankor,isilon,ultima) ! What are we going to make ? Simple ! We will make every day depends on time zone ultima from bifrost and when warr days also ultima from warr,isilon and felankor from colony zone! I will do my best do record kill and respawn times ! Btw there will be a clan bank and everythinq will be recorded and splited acording to activity! Can also add a TS if this will work ! Bte only trusted and well knowed people can join... because dont wanna add alts of these atross/riotes killers .. Let them have them Reply here or pm me here or In-game ... Why should we lett humans have easy nps and uper gears ? letts show them we can compete against them ! Btw i would like to be mages/sins,a few warriors and 2-3 priests alts clan... This wont be a pk clan !
  5. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Orcs need a reinforce!

    Them started do log a loot of alt chars for BDW and Juraid soo them could get in and winn events ... Soo i dont thinq any humans like challenge ... Them wanna easy nps,farm etc... Nd them call orcs that dont have brain to fight ...
  6. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Orcs need a reinforce!

    As title say idk if people noticed or not(or them noticed but ignores it),Humans recently have 2x more active people then orcs ! Idk if u people likes it or not,but that hapens 80% of day even on events ! Also humans have like 5x more priests and mages ! Do like 4 days its nearly imposible do find a priest for PK... The only time of day when there are still a few orcs its during near midnight ... Ofc NP farmers,riot/atross killers havent noticed that because them wanna easy nps without fight ... Almost all day long there its 2-3 humans pt,and orcs hardly form 1 ... And when them form one,humans gang them with 2-3 partys ... Call me noob or what ever ... If u like it that way,then Np... But remember that if thinqs wont be changed,soon u wont have with who do fight ... People will quit/give up... Like some people already did ..
  7. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Daily quest for bifrost monsters

    Well some mins ago,some people helped me kill all bifrost monsters from Bowl ... All fine untill i had do redem quests ... Tried redem first quest and could not redem it ... Second quest has been done and rewarded .. Please fix it And if can send me reward troungh mail Because i really wanna make drake pendants
  8. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Looking for clan - Orc side

    Well after kinda a long break since relaunch,i decided do come back Unfortunely some of old crew left and right now its kinda hard do catch up other people... I have used do play with SPANKME and him old crew,and atm i dont see too many old crew people,only a few wich are too brave and are full geared ... And dont want do help a old nigga Soo if there its any clans that would help me farming/pking etc ... reply here on send me a PM I am a warrior and atm i dont have just starter stuffs +8 armors/+1 - +2 acces and etc ... Untill now id did just a little pk and dont have just almost 2500 nps I know its kinda late do start over,but there its always a hope I can use TS,ventrilo,discord or what other way do comunicate betwen us .. My GmT its +2
  9. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Nation Balance

    Ya would be nice to make a strong ally on human side ... Cause atm orcs ower-number humans evrywhere ... And kekkon its not ballanced at all we been just 1 party against 30 orcs at least ... But we played smart and we havent gived up ... There its 8 orc clans against 1 (cant count on ottomans because most of them left) ...
  10. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Anger on abyss dungeon

    As farr i knwo it should not work on abyss dungeon ,... Orcs abused it and spammed anger a loot ... Take a look at it and fix it please ...
  11. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Attracting new players : Custom content

    For afkers idk if its posible do enable a protection like if u dont move for 5 minutes u should gett dced ... As for bring more players would be nice like full plates +7 as starter items (not tradeable) old accesories,without old rocs/rols/skele belt and other good accesories... Also must figure out a way do bring more turk to server ... Because liek it or not,without turks comunity most of private servers are pretty dead ...
  12. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Items rental

    Well as title say would be nice if u will can enable items rental npcs ... Why? Because it would help a loot of players do grow up,farm easier,etc.... And will be a good source for people who have for exemple 10 raptor +8 and untill someone wants do buy them,the owner will have the posibility do rent them for 1-2-3-etc... hours ... I am pretty sure many people would apreciate it and will give benefits to all players ... Nobady have anythinq do lose from it
  13. JackTh3Ripp3r

    Looking for clan Human side

    Hello! My name its Niku and i am from Romania,i am 27 years old almost and started play do almost 2 weeks Unfortunely had do lvl up and gear up my self Now i have just made 2 days ago lvl 80 and got my skills,and now i am looking for a clan I am pretty experienced warrior (not the best) ...My GMT its +2 and i am pretty active when i am not working or i am leaving somewhere .... Got all basic gears for pk and farm(if will need) ... Reply here on pm me in-game/here ... BTW if anyone wants do start a mage clan for farming only,i am having a pretty decent geared mage also for farm Just trow me a pm or reply here