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  1. 5k bett.. but.. notting reward i get.. :D

    Op loses and claims reward. Splendid OP, splendid!
  2. LostHeaven Tribute

    Hey you! why u are terrorist irl
  3. meh.

    Yes or no, I don't know!
  4. ApexKO - Selam Czesc

    no ty
  5. ApexKO - Selam Czesc

    fk yes, real life assumptions, insults and all around, some kind of kindergarden egofighting! this is solid 10/10 aswell what it comes to pages 2-4. Keep em coming
  6. meh.

    5/5 bloodline is now lineofblood ! also 10/10 for all the QQ
  7. LostHeaven Tribute

    Always diamond-like topic whenever I visit these forums after a break 10/10
  8. u accept if bloodline not pure?? mic is broken and dog eat headphones
  9. I take pizza with kebab, garlic, TBL and macroed meat of choice
  10. Actually I saw Aesteris's reply on K4L that dmg calculation is bit higher than it should and theyre fixing the mp set *bug* as I like to call it.
  11. Basicly you made fraps of legit priest, getting cancelled and in general seeming as it should ( no suspicious movement). Whlist u spam macro and get owned, oh the irony. lol at that
  12. Just fix mp set (make it not work in pvp as usual) and increase ratio of resistances effectiviness so boosting your resistances actually makes a difference.
  13. Cartel 2vs2 LostHeaven

    50k kc
  14. I don't speak turklish but I can see you are not very sharp. I keep disguising myself under this mysterious false name. PS. HenkanTR signature :DDDDDD