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  1. Valor( Merciless ) vs OttomanPlatoon

    We just done it for fun and i enjoyed thanks everybody there.
  2. tukee

    We dont want ur cute jokes. Wrecked 'joking' us 100 times in a day.
  3. You must be crazy or blind. Most of clans trying to humiliate ottoman but cant.
  4. Thats good but i think wrecked and valor should swap
  5. Pray to god because i dont have a good pc to capture videos.
  6. And Smooth we've done an amazing fight with oldschool a few days before u were full party there. It was really good i think u can pk.
  7. Actually there is a lot of clan in karus and dont be mad to me but there is not a lot of clan pking in human. Some Valor people is always at cz but never a full pt. I dont see Wrecked at cz anymore. And we Ottoman is at cz at least 1-2 hours in a day with full pt.(Sometimes more then 1 pt) But there is always 1 or 2 party from karus at cz. That just my observation.
  8. Good trying but i think its not balanced Bar. Why dont u add OldSchool too? And actually forget all of them. Balances may change soon. Something will happen.
  9. MortalTheatre ApexKO Pk

    Thanks for that special part but there were phantaso playing with my acc
  10. Noob.

    Benimde seni party içinde kesmişliğim çok bu böyle saymakla bitmez bu kadar az kişinin pk attığı bi sunucuda. Uzatmayalım istersen bu konuyu.
  11. AFK'ers in JR

    They have karus accs. By this way they win a Jr or they win lot of gems. And people like us cant win anything. This must be a crime.
  12. AFK'ers in JR

    This peoples are always afk in JR's. Everybody knows them. They're smurf accs of 'Seversinizzz' clan members. You can check their ip's.
  13. Noob.

    Başarı olarak görüp ss almış bide. Öldüklerinin ss aldınmı hard disk falan gerekiyomu?