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  1. the amount of people who play ko will always be low compared to the number of people played a few years ago because its so out of date and boring compared to other mmo's. Look at WoW they are constantly innovating and adding new stuff for players to do hense why they are so successful. This game is the same as it was 15 years ago with minor changes, a giant yawn fest.
  2. Only reason you dont want the server reset is because youve babashopped so many items and it would all be for nothing (caution Long and meaningless post below) They would be foolish not too. People that played here got so bored of doing the same thing everyday "login, pk for 1 hour, spam mora for 20 min, logout" they eventually quit and i cant really blame them. Theres only 3 types of people left. 1. The egotistical players who get off on picking on skill less nobodys. 2. The hopefulls who are praying people will come back. 3. The small percentage of people who are either discovering ko or the server. Its like going to a restraunt and there being one thing on the menu everyday, how often are you going to eat there? Making the server more of a farm/lvl server would give people more drive to play longer and better their chars. I use to be so against farming and lvling hense why i came to private servers but after playing so long and observing each server and how its run none compare to usko because of uskos farming/lvling system. I think apex is one of the best staffed and systematically sound servers aside from usko it has so much more potential then a 150 person boring ass pk server. Call me wrong or stupid but its just my opinion which probably doesnt matter. Ps. This is the only none trolling post i will be posting.
  3. I think a full wipe and restart is in need and make it more of a farm server. (I just wanna see tukeownz with 0 nps) np
  4. Long story short captain italiano is just mad he overpaid for rofs when they are cheap now.
  5. I agree with you chris but when you have the chinese players spending as much money as they are for 10 minutes of 6 parties chasing 4 people in cz then theres no point in satisfying everyone..
  6. Details

    Finally getting internet that is faster than 2 cavemen rubbing rocks together on the 11th, so i need to know the prices of warrior and preist gear, i wanna know if there is any oldies around? do the chinese still chase 2 people with 10 parties? How many people are on the server? Is brook and tuke still in love? And does omega still look like ceelo greens twin.
  7. Details

    +1 brad is big scammer, he scammed me into being friends with him.
  8. Details

    Good to see your english is still horrible, have you complained enough for them to boost bp?
  9. Mage teams are always looking for the staffs help to give them the upper hand.. but +1 to melody foe not threating to "leave server" like the other clowns, Mages are meant to be glass cannons. High dmg low def. Maybe they should up the damages a bit.
  10. Duh, if you cant beat them join them.
  11. If you didnt have a macro you would have to go back to mage since your combo is in the trashcan. Still love you though.
  12. I agree 100% ive played since myko beta and back then it was about skill and timing now its the better macro wins, But to ban people for it would be a pipe dream. Remember no matter how you look at this game its a buisness and to ban macros would mean losing players who just cant live without a macro cause theyre bad at this game which means yok money in donations. And the staff is way to greedy to make a decision like that.
  13. Elior&Chris vs AnyRetard&HANGOVER 30.000KC Challenge

    Id probably kick my own ass if that was my name. No offense.
  14. Elior&Chris vs AnyRetard&HANGOVER 30.000KC Challenge

    Is "elior" that dudes real name or just ingame nick..?
  15. TheGANG New Video

    I can see everyones comeback skills havnt improved. Dylan, buy me a fully geared account ty bb
  16. TheGANG New Video

    The clan names in this server are something else. I expect better from you karim. Tisk tisk.
  17. Contemplating playing this shitty game again. Since im way too lazy to even consider farming bus's for upgrades i was thinking about purchasing gear. Are people still absolutely retarded with their prices? or have they realised that this is a private server with like 300 people (if that).
  18. Prices

    Im looking to actually play not just log once every 2 months but if people want crazy money for items then idk couple hundred bucks i can see not a fucking grand.
  19. S> Rouge Krowaz Set 9

    Ill send you a 30 rack of buds for it.
  20. Best player list Elmorad & Karus

    Sin - kingaurelio Warrior -kingaurelio Preist - kingaurelio Archer - kingaurelio Ice cube mage - black
  21. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    This guide is real shit. major props for not being a autistic trashcan and copy/pasting guides other people wrote. "Cough cough"
  22. Everyone is offended so easily nowadays...
  23. Does sierra know anything? Its a honest question his position in staff is kind of useless to be blunt.