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  1. Elior&Chris vs AnyRetard&HANGOVER 30.000KC Challenge

    Id probably kick my own ass if that was my name. No offense.
  2. Elior&Chris vs AnyRetard&HANGOVER 30.000KC Challenge

    Is "elior" that dudes real name or just ingame nick..?
  3. TheGANG New Video

    I can see everyones comeback skills havnt improved. Dylan, buy me a fully geared account ty bb
  4. TheGANG New Video

    The clan names in this server are something else. I expect better from you karim. Tisk tisk.
  5. Contemplating playing this shitty game again. Since im way too lazy to even consider farming bus's for upgrades i was thinking about purchasing gear. Are people still absolutely retarded with their prices? or have they realised that this is a private server with like 300 people (if that).
  6. Prices

    Im looking to actually play not just log once every 2 months but if people want crazy money for items then idk couple hundred bucks i can see not a fucking grand.
  7. S> Rouge Krowaz Set 9

    Ill send you a 30 rack of buds for it.
  8. Best player list Elmorad & Karus

    Sin - kingaurelio Warrior -kingaurelio Preist - kingaurelio Archer - kingaurelio Ice cube mage - black
  9. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    This guide is real shit. major props for not being a autistic trashcan and copy/pasting guides other people wrote. "Cough cough"
  10. Everyone is offended so easily nowadays...
  11. Does sierra know anything? Its a honest question his position in staff is kind of useless to be blunt.
  12. Just like a 30 minute free for all event. Go to emc and slay or moradon. Sign me the fuck up!
  13. I think moradon raids would be gg. Wasnt joking about that.
  14. Make moradon a pk zone ty
  15. S > CHAOS BAAL +10 REV!!!!

    Bullet started out strong but Savage quickly shut him down to take the win. Round 2? Tbd.
  16. I say grow a set and make it +11
  17. S> chaos wiri +8 rev 90k kc.
  18. Meme wars

  19. Meme wars

  20. Meme wars

  21. Meme wars

    How the fuck did you post 2?!
  22. Meme wars