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    CSW? not even on official like apexko.

    I agree with the italian stallion, 1 party should win the rewards.
  2. MON5TER

    Castle Siege WAR

    Delete kro and chaos weps and bring back gigas and +11 shells ty.
  3. MON5TER

    Buy Bombastick Wiri +11

    Evet drama
  4. MON5TER

    DewilInsTinCMugii Raum+11 Scammer. [StrongLegion Unfair clan]

    Tuke = scammer
  5. MON5TER


    Most of my anvil experiences involve Tuke burning everything he had and raging about it.
  6. MON5TER

    S>Elite Warrior Items. (YouGotPwndByMyAss Merchant)

    Ill trade you nude pics of brad for all of that.
  7. There are 2 certainties in life, death and people constantly complaining about class/nation balance.
  8. MON5TER


    Probably because people take the game too seriously and it turns into a flame tournament more than a vsing tournament.
  9. MON5TER

    Looking for helpful clan

    @Manhattan this is the guy to contact, or @Razordagawd both are very knowledgeable dudes, little gay but great guys.
  10. Me and you need to have a little talk about your music selections this shit is unacceptable.
  11. MON5TER

    Remove Holy Knight Armor from Game.

    Like i said not trying to flame or anything but try a different one that way you get a reminder of how good this one is. I use to do it all the time.
  12. MON5TER

    Remove Holy Knight Armor from Game.

    Not trying to be a dick here john but if you have so many problems with the server join another one man.
  13. MON5TER

    Rogue damage capabilities enhancement

    It was clearly a joke, but i dont think rouges need a major buff people just need to have a better understanding of the class maybe a couple of tweaks to crit but thats it.
  14. MON5TER

    Rogue damage capabilities enhancement

    Solution! Delete everyones items so everyone has to use starter gear. @twostars close the topic and implement the patch you guys are welcome for this fabulous idea! Ps. i take tips via paypal or money order.
  15. MON5TER

    rogue skills

    So just because we play a class doesnt mean over the course of 10+ years of playing the game we havnt learned or played the other ones?
  16. MON5TER

    rogue skills

    So @IIIAmJohnWick if you want to be able to tank a warrior, sell your rouge and class change or get better. And like razor mentioned you guys need to really learn your classes and realize what their pros and cons are.
  17. MON5TER

    rogue skills

    Well if sins get a giant buff i wanna be able to heal and cure on my warrior. It feels like all of these sins want is to be on a equal playing field as a warrior. They have less damage but they also have alot of other perks a warrior doesnt have so its never going to happen, maybe you should learn how to play sin properly and not look at the class as a warrior with daggers.
  18. MON5TER

    xHomie's Selling items

    Ill take 500kc of that.
  19. MON5TER

    rogue skills

    Back when i was still playing this was a common problem, you would be in a gg 8v8 in cz and cure would slow motion at key moments.
  20. MON5TER

    Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.

    Holy fuck, i was 2nd with 57k? YOK LIFE Ps. Vivaldi that was the best english i have seen in this forum, i almost cried it was that good.
  21. MON5TER

    Hello - Coming back after a LONG break.

    Welcome back thanks for your service to ole red white and blue brothah! I dont play currently because my internet is shit, but like you ive played since the beginning and like manhattan said you picked a great server to play, its alot better than the "official". If you have questions hmu ill give you some merican advice. Oorah.
  22. MON5TER

    S/B List - CheetorS

    S> dual bipennis +8
  23. MON5TER

    Sell> Delos bow +11, Ruahua +5 reb and more!

    Enion bow, chitin bow > all others 100k kc gel.
  24. MON5TER

    Sell> Delos bow +11, Ruahua +5 reb and more!

    S> enion bow > windforce.
  25. MON5TER


    Make this server raid-able. Imo having every zone subject to pk would put this server leagues above others. Im not sure how much freedom you guys have in making a major addition like that but making it so pk isnt limited to just cz and having a option to pvp (when you want to pve/farm disable PvP and you cannot be attacked) in all zones would help. Its probably impossible but its just a thought. Ive always thought if you mix some ideas from WoW and KO it would be benefitial. I welcome flaming/trolling since i love it.