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  1. MON5TER

    Time to Turn to PK SERVER

    Make +11 shells and +11 gigas famous again ty.
  2. MON5TER

    B> warrior items

    Im going to be returning (for real this time) and im looking for top tier warrior gear +11/+3s. Message me on here and let me know, id prefer to buy everything at once not piece by piece.
  3. MON5TER

    PUS Discount Summer Jam Sale Event!?[Poll]

    Since im finally getting high speed internet and can play again ill take some discounts.
  4. MON5TER

    CSW? not even on official like apexko.

    I agree with the italian stallion, 1 party should win the rewards.
  5. MON5TER

    Castle Siege WAR

    Delete kro and chaos weps and bring back gigas and +11 shells ty.
  6. MON5TER

    Buy Bombastick Wiri +11

    Evet drama
  7. MON5TER

    DewilInsTinCMugii Raum+11 Scammer. [StrongLegion Unfair clan]

    Tuke = scammer
  8. MON5TER


    Most of my anvil experiences involve Tuke burning everything he had and raging about it.
  9. MON5TER

    S>Elite Warrior Items. (YouGotPwndByMyAss Merchant)

    Ill trade you nude pics of brad for all of that.
  10. There are 2 certainties in life, death and people constantly complaining about class/nation balance.
  11. MON5TER


    Probably because people take the game too seriously and it turns into a flame tournament more than a vsing tournament.
  12. MON5TER

    Looking for helpful clan

    @Manhattan this is the guy to contact, or @Razordagawd both are very knowledgeable dudes, little gay but great guys.
  13. Me and you need to have a little talk about your music selections this shit is unacceptable.
  14. MON5TER

    Remove Holy Knight Armor from Game.

    Like i said not trying to flame or anything but try a different one that way you get a reminder of how good this one is. I use to do it all the time.
  15. MON5TER

    Remove Holy Knight Armor from Game.

    Not trying to be a dick here john but if you have so many problems with the server join another one man.