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  1. Zaraza

    Sell KC

  2. Zaraza

    server lagg

    I have same problem. Can't use skills, dont see players and npc in CZ.
  3. Zaraza

    Sell KC

    Sell 10.5K KC Pm me here on send letter in game
  4. Zaraza

    I lost KC

    Hello, Yesterday between 19.50-20.00 I borrowed 500KC from my clannie WielkaDraka. After that, the server got big laaag so I decide to log off. Today after logging into the game there was no 500KC in my inventory. So I asked WilkaDraka if he got them back but he didn’t. Can u check it and give back KC? thx
  5. Zaraza


    Buy priest rosetta +11: pads, top, gauntlets, boots. Pm me here on in game