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  1. red123

    Bdw ft juraid

    Players join BDW and Juraid to unlock 90 and 100 defense achievements. But once they're unlocked, most people won't bother joining anymore so indeed the reward could use some upgrading.
  2. red123

    Cospre sets

    Could you plz double check if they can be stored? Mine still stuck, I'd rather have them on the main char.
  3. red123

    Cospre sets

    A relog fixed premium issue but still can't store cospre set.
  4. red123

    Cospre sets

    Maybe I need to relog or something?, will report back later.
  5. red123

    Cospre sets

    It's noted here that you can transfer the set to other chars in the same account but it can't be stored in INN and the premium is only DC while we've been told will get switching?!
  6. red123

    Post-Halloween Event Decision

    I'd like to see duration pot/ undy sc/ red pot/ blue pot, ... added through PK in cz and wars with expiration, definitely not in PUS or sundries. Krowaz +14 rev would require stronger beginner items and possibly the need for lower class items to be upgraded to +21 rev, then we'd need stronger uniques to block such AP, nah it'll suck. I think item grades are fine. Agreed we need some more farming spots and events. I wanted to get set warrior krowaz+11 but I'm so worried that price will drop alot when/if Holly armor is back. Yet I don't know when it'll happen. Hopefully soon.
  7. red123

    When can we log in the Game??

    I've been wandering around private servers, all of them shit. Even tried official servers, WTF so difficult to lvl up and holy shit PUS prices there so crazy! I've come to appreciate ApexKO
  8. red123

    [Rules ] War Bug Abuse use party !

    Rebellions can't be punished my friend, server will be dead without them^^
  9. It should be 136 but showing 133 @twostars @Aesteris
  10. red123

    Javana Axe (2H)

    @twostars @Aesteris
  11. red123

    Event end to fast

    You should have given a notice and let them weaps run until they expire. Imagine if you had farmed toffees all day and wake up to see all gone, how would you feel about it? Not cool!
  12. red123

    Attention, please! :)

    can you add a daily quest for tokens? Chaos and FT dead so Im stuck with +20 BDW and juraid tokens and would like to exchange them for toffes! event is still fun, keep it going but would be nice if cuffs spwn out side of bowl to reduce lags.
  13. red123

    Items in Magic Bag

    My magic bag expired, got some items there which are grayed out. Is it safe to leave them there for a few months? @twostars @Aesteris
  14. red123

    CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO

    Most priests are bad I agree but these mages usually drop nova by surprise so them priests don't see it coming in first place and such high damage kills all party members, you can't resurrect a dead body by healing
  15. red123

    Javana Axe (2H)

    Can't upgrade to +2