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  1. What is the first prize?
  2. sm0902

    The server is too much lag.

    The server is too much lag. It's been two weeks since this started. When are you gonna solve this? If things continue like this, all users will leave. The management team will have to take some action. You'll have to do the least of the notices.
  3. With the shield, the fun of the game is being reduced. I think that only aggressive play can activate the game. Shields should only be worn by priests and mages.
  4. sm0902

    Bugs and bullshit in ApexKO.

    I hope you do not allow warriors to wear shields.Despite having a skill called Decent, wearing a shield is one of the factors that reduce the fun of the game.I would like to change the shield so that it can be worn only by mages and priests.The fun of killing and dying will rise even more.