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    ElBar B/S List

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    ElBar B/S List

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    ElBar B/S List

  4. Seeking atm for english clan at Human side: Playing Kurian at the moment, fully geared. ts is required for me, not gonna play without ts. pm me in-game ElBar
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    Suggestions/minor problems.

    the issue with ally it's simple, when we were on latroupe we try to ally someone and it didnt let us, we had issue on it and got like an error, i delivered it already to alpha. about what markus said i totally agree about it, all of this changes that you will do will make pk even more interesting and even more fun. and also the quest system should be really GG (example: kill 50 dark knight for 2x chest) edit: i would also suggest to add to buy merchent the KC (500 100 1000) prices
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    Krowaz Land

    The krowaz land is really useless on this server, should really put some effort on it and make it more special, like GG bosses that droping krowaz items or so and items that can farm
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    Ally and Clan Bug Fixed Please

    acceredited knight shouldnt have long cape lol... that's royal
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    ElBar B/S List

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    ElBar B/S List

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    RESPECT Clan Recruiting(Human)

    clan leaders are counting aswell ?
  11. Apexko is similler to usko, so on usko there is 5 min chat blocked if you spam to much, so i dont think there will be any problem to do it here aswell, probably the staff didnt care much about it in the past becouse people didnt spam like assholes in moradon, but server has changed for good, the amount of people that there is on cz and moradon is fucking insane so i would say they should need to put it . ps: move it to suggestion forum xd
  12. Bar

    Change csw to the new usko one!

    ye but you can attacck only the people that holding the crystal none else which makes it really fucked up, however if you defend it then it's another story..