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  1. meh, chaos curse then... such a roller coaster of emotions why one would do any kind of versus with cursed weapons is beyond me though
  2. Hi Brook

  3. Chaos event reward

    lol mad hehe rookies
  4. I love how everyone comes together when it comes to opressing MDwhatevs lol
  5. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Like, that's the exact reason why I take issue with these people, I really try to stay the fuuuuck away and shut up but I just can't. Watch this Darius (YouGotPwnedByMyAss), for example, I can't stand these frauds because of their sheer stupidity. Look, bear with me here: 1) He is a warrior a.k.a. a damn pawn in the VS. Anyone with half a brain, any retard or KO rookie that knows the basics can fit his roll, do exactly what his doing meaning that he is practically nothing there. 2) I am not even gonna mention the fact that he macros, I can't... I just aahh it's beyond me... 3) With the above being said, most of the weight of the VS is on the priest and yet he tries to act tough challenging and calling everyone out but in reallity he's just a worm who could be easily substituted by an equal insect. He is nothing but depends on others in order to try to be something. The pinnacle of sadness and desperation. 4) To finish this sad story, he mocks Brook (I doubt he gives a tiny fuck about this) for losing to DeBrogLie when the priest he'll use for this VS (I'm guessing Melody, which I have nothing against) has already lost 2v2 for him as well. So, what. the actual. fuck. YouGotPwned, bitch please, understand all this and you'll look less like a pit of despair and autism... Stop.
  6. Revolution vs kings 2v2

    Jeez Louise calm your kebabs! We all know that priest has the most importance in any kind of VS, that's just obvious so no need to point that out. Now go back to VSing all clans in KO history, the list is very long and you did not have a good start at it!
  7. Revolution vs kings 2v2

    It's about the freedom it gives you to switch items and have absolutely nothing to worry other than clicking on the given target. Randoms like you, from TR land, that were born, raised and molded by macros since you first download KO can't really comment on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Revolution vs kings 2v2

    Priest, nothing. But the gains of a warrior on macro versus one without it is quite considerable.
  9. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    The good ol' gaming forum party boy!!! One of the worse species of retards you can find in the wild yeee bruhh pump it pump it go get those pretty grills, woop woop. Lots of booze weed 420 crazy life, but only after I write this super burn on this forum doe. Need to make an NPC ingame that redirects to this guide, @staff
  10. inbox is full problem.

    forum's been acting weird lately; the side menu with recent topics are not updating as well
  11. MDMA VS BADASS 4kc

    lol the fact that this demented dude don't even realize what's going on is not surprising but still fun to watch, gj.