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    GAREZ **

    şuan karakterde oynuyan arkadaş priestim '' DeBroglie '' dir.. Tek ve gerçek forum nickim budur. Oyuna çok nadir giriyorum. Kimseyle bir polemik kavga vs. halinde değilim. İyi oyunlar..
  2. Aesteris'in işi farklı zaten twostars'da öyle biliyorum. Bu kişilerin paraya ihtiyacı yok çünkü zaten "yazılımcı" o yüzden paraya ihtiyacı olsalardı belki açarlardı diye düşünüyorum. Sadece kişiler eğlensin diye açılmış gibi sunucu reset atacaklarını da hiç sanmıyorum. Gönül isterdi ki keşke sıfırlasalar ama sanmıyorum
  3. i understand cry echo macro allright but hp mp potion? Do you enjoy playing games? even doing pushing help from the macro mana lol suggestion to you genie open and afk pk bot I am saying this sincerely just move the mouse right and left (great success) Bad edit, bot player, always nice scammer music @MDMA channel's. I'm sorry to say that you can not do video editing sorry meanwhile you can get more pleasure by pushing the hand and the hp pot you should try loooool

    Holy Knight Armor+11 from CSW

    I still love you for not forgetting it I think she left a mark on you 10 years later you will not forget it person Buy chaos curse descent tbl I will not talk to you Do not get serious because you are 17 years old /silenced

    Holy Knight Armor+11 from CSW

    You really mentally retarted cp lucky same you believe moonlight cp high damage? lol I just see forum cry you this -15 str (all oldtime say so manny ppl add duration but they did not listen If there's nothing nice like duration, it's "normal -15 str" Warrior same damage 1100 1200 hit rogue cp using 1k nice story mean. Warrior using gabs spike 350? I not see sin cry in forum just you cry -15 gain why? Lmao

    Futuristic Clan PK MOVİE APEXKO## BEST TEAM ##

    Bad video bad edit verry bad player debroglie congratulations 0/10 CrazyTime assist GAREZ... 把它放在你团里的心情

    Old & Good times

    Such times were more fun for me. Do you remember?

    Logos NP buff and meat dumpling

    When a new user starts the game, he first looks at the panel and he says "how many NPs are there, and if he sees a lot of amount, he will not go into this server anymore and have no vitality" So, I support the deletion of meat dumping +1 Edit UsKO no have meat dumping kill point also and in the past Apex did not come too much occasionally NP event was made and it is a long event NP event is always active I think it should be closed Example:ApexKO np is very worthless. 1 hour pk 2k NP is contagious in a random server. But at Apex I feel between 6-7k (when the cz is crowded)

    rogue skills

    Powershot good but 70 skill dark low damage i agree %100. Oldtime warrior kurian ko 2 year Now kurian: UsKO same little change UsKO have %100 rush so fail pull skill Apex rush not 100 pull fail all know oldtime not 2x click divide armor now good. Mage low damage new up good now. Priest 255 int need increase attack Rogue cp so fail oldtime good job not have draki coming rogue so low damage. Warrior always strong yes aoe little low persons see 3k damage aoe "UsKO no have starter rosetta set or iron set" I see sin pk videos db malice 1 hit full+full warrior i again say problem starter items and anti def high damage problem My sugges coming duration and buff archery or cp lucky need increase not fair really system. I know all and me see boring full warrior
  10. GAREZZ

    rogue skills

    @YouGotPwndByMyAss No need liar sentinus vs mdma oldtime not have "draki pendant" rogue damage so good but now have draki rogue damage so low USKO draki farm i friend farm 8 month have a.s.d Apex so easy draki pendant farm i hope rogue cp lucky or damage increase. @Aesteris said CP 100% same % UsKO yea but have UsKO duration Apex no have. So, using critical spike 900 so many fail lol i play UsKO i agree you i think UsKO same cp i using 20sec with duration CP 2x spike using not 10 sec I hope understand me @twostars Im just hope you i think KO information so good you.