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  1. Dual Weapons Bug

    yap iyi bug, also im feeling orc side sin failing a lot with skills and cp working with 50% rate failing a lot
  2. Selling: - Warrior Krowaz Boots+11 - Warrior Krowaz Gauntlets+11 - Dragon Scale Pants+11 - Chitin Shield+11 - Amulet Of Str +3 - Draki STR SSA - 2x Ets+11, Bombastic Raum+11, Chd+11 - Rogue Holy Knight Set+5 Reverse - 2x Eme +3 Buying: - Rogue Holy Parts+7 / +8 - Diet / Lousy Raum+11 Or do offer what ever want PM ingame " TukeOwnz " or here cheers
  3. offer dual eme and bombastic raum+11 and holy set+8 np
  4. Sell +11 Warrior Krowaz Set

    https://apexko.com/character/TheMarLBoRoBoX go buy him set+11 for 70k kc or he rise the price maybe 80k kc cheap i can say!
  5. Sell +11 Warrior Krowaz Set

    https://apexko.com/character/TukeOwnz - offer
  6. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    Hey nice video ! cheers about vs´s
  7. Its nice to hear that but soon have to start do something just cold truth is we losing players day by day, and why that? ask your self or maybe ask / listen to ur players who are doing pk, there is 2kinda players moradon sitter and cz players... But good luck with this !
  8. chris lets join zaikoo full wakawaka chaka chaka bow bow
  9. < biggest famous retarded at apexko konichiwa!
  10. Selling list - Restricted Diet Raum+11, 1x Ets+11 - 3x Rogue Krowaz +11 ( Helmet, Pauldron, Boots), Pads and Gauntlets+5 reverse - Iron Belt+3 / Elf Belt+3 - 2x EME+3 - Dex S.S.S - Lousy PickPocket WindForce+11 Looking Any Offers pm here or ingame - TukeOwnz

    Tuke soon 12m népéjé wheres my reward at i reach 10m ? hallelujah?
  12. tbl clan? guy got blocked 4x time on row and dead ya tbl.. cheers!
  13. /CLOSE Video Deleted

    very iýi chris gg ^^