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  1. TukeOP

    Bugs and bullshit in ApexKO.

    Yeap people quitting server because they cant even do items by upgrading its cost too much, and pk so cancer because those dot kurians / archers... People dont have intressing to play server if everything too way hard. Moradon its dead already , pk is sad 3partys hand to hand follow dot kurians archers slowing / stunning everything and gangbang skilled server have to say
  2. TukeOP

    Wings on Achieve

    Hey cannot take wings from achieve at " War > Moradon > Neverending Match, i got it completed there is Battle Hero Wing Exchange Coupon waiting but cant take it out when click it its kinda just freezing and nothing happening I got room on inventory + i have weight. Idk check is out
  3. TukeOP

    About Sins

    Usually dual cockas, legos ib+3 on + raum+11 "25 lr and 25 ice resist"
  4. TukeOP

    About wawat

    They wont do anything about him... already said about him like 1year
  5. TukeOP

    Checking prices

    go ask themarloborox he knows very good rogue items prices like ets+11 = 3k kc np
  6. TukeOP

    Imbalance of server

    just boost warriors dmg again and mage / archers slow / stun rate and we are fine and if want nerf sins and delete magic shield its kinda uselless.
  7. TukeOP

    lot of afking

    Player name "SADE" from clan "TerrorSquad" full afking at bdw... Hoply start give like 1week bans for this kinda guys kinda frustrated things.
  8. TukeOP

    Bugs and bullshit in ApexKO.

    +1 avar
  9. TukeOP

    Tuke Sell / Buy List

  10. TukeOP

    About Sins

    @IIIAmJohnWick sarcasm? hellou lol
  11. We need Nerf sins fak 2x sins cant even kill 1mage without CP damn
  12. TukeOP

    About Sins

    Yeah I know when 1 of GM come here will close this topic because ill made it but atleast ill tryed fix the problem and get more users as spending time here with you guys and im still here with 14.2m nps but yea dont need listen to me, better go listen people who spend time at moradon 90% of time and that last 10% at cz everyone doing like wants lets see but seems like im fine with everything.
  13. TukeOP

    About Sins

    I think better boost warrior / mage dmg and make kurian skills to again 100% + a bit nerf sin dmg and we have again lot of new players!
  14. TukeOP

    About Sins

    Agree with @avarr53 ! @VODKALIBIRA hey we cant remove class atleast we need lupine for something
  15. TukeOP

    About Sins

    Better Nerf all sins we are really too op! just drop cp % to 25 or dmg with 20% maybe 30% ^^