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  1. tbl clan? guy got blocked 4x time on row and dead ya tbl.. cheers!
  2. YouGotPwndByMyAss Small PK Movie @Apexko

    very iýi chris gg ^^
  3. thats nice pics hoply this time something gonna happend to chinas by our gms...
  4. TukeOwnz

    mamma miia
  5. Selling list - Restricted Diet Raum+11, 1x Ets+11 - 3x Rogue Krowaz +11 ( Helmet, Pauldron, Boots), Pads and Gauntlets+5 reverse - Iron Belt+3 / Elf Belt+3 - 2x EME+3 - Dex S.S.S - Lousy PickPocket WindForce+11 Looking Any Offers pm here or ingame - TukeOwnz
  6. buy WF+11

    Selling Lousy Pickpocket wf+11, - TukeOwnz
  7. tuke vol.2 at class changing? CHEERS!
  8. Minor Effect

    cheers twostars !
  9. Minor Effect

    its np im like to pk better soon 12m népéjé cheers rox!
  10. Minor Effect

    Then go buy better pc hey its #2017
  11. Minor Effect

    Hey its much better if get minor effect back to normally I think that not big a broblem and hoply can do it quick Cheers !