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  1. Using Macro's

    Turn your macros on cupcake..
  2. Using Macro's

    Lmao this must be Tabasco..
  3. Using Macro's

    Yeah, because it's a server where all the cheaters go; so they can be shit together.
  4. Using Macro's

    Lol, did you even read the fact that in USKO it's considering a "third party tool." Which is against the "TERMS OF SERVICE."
  5. Using Macro's

    Plays the most O.P class, doesn't even play the game anymore. But invites ignorant advice; that is not even possible of; "get gud." The serious lack of intelligence of those who play this game astounds me..
  6. Using Macro's

    I also completely agree with the Kurians, we have parties or groups of 5 plus kurians running around at one time. Double / Triple pull? come on..
  7. Using Macro's

    The passion build isn't really too much of an issue for me. But you can't sit there and give full krowaz +9 warriors with baals/wiri +9 a horse and passion build. That's un killable..
  8. Using Macro's

    Well first of all; I'd just like to state that I love this game, and considering I have played it, on and off since beta; that says enough right there. I do also have really grown to enjoy this server as well. But it has gotten to the point, where I have grown to hate it. This is not K.O. anymore, it's a group of people moving around mouse buttons, with the best gear possible. None of which displaying any skill what so ever. I have lost my passion for this game just despite this fact, and this fact alone. It's not a game of skill anymore.. Now admittedly even USKO has now deemed these tools as being "jailable." Honestly though if we were to get rid of the macro's, get rid of the passion skill. We could make this a much more balanced server. When two rogues are macro minoring the target you're trying to kill, you will never kill him. It completely ruins the game for me, I don't even log in anymore.
  9. Clan bug!

    please halp!
  10. Experiencing a lot of lag via server

    This is unfortunate; I never had any troubles up until recently.. About a week ago, it just started lagging; I have tried different port configurations, etc.. However, nothing I do will help at all, I am curious if anyone else is experiencing these issues. Comcast w/150mbps down Area; Michigan *I don't have any lag issues with any other games.*
  11. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    Thank you very much.
  12. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

  13. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    I accidentally deleted my mythril +11 gauntlets that I made from +6 rebirth, I purchased 2 +6 rebirths from merchant and made one to +11 rebirth. Whilst switching my armors during PK, I accidentally deleted them at some point, as I had other junk +5 mythril parts in my inventory. I already bitched at Andrew, and he told me to come here; I understand if you can't do anything about it.. But, I figured i'd be honest as possible, and I hoped maybe I can get some help. Thanks FluffyKitten I had a screen shot of me making the gauntlets, however I couldn't find it. The kitten photo was for good luck.