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  1. Clan bug!

    please halp!
  2. Experiencing a lot of lag via server

    This is unfortunate; I never had any troubles up until recently.. About a week ago, it just started lagging; I have tried different port configurations, etc.. However, nothing I do will help at all, I am curious if anyone else is experiencing these issues. Comcast w/150mbps down Area; Michigan *I don't have any lag issues with any other games.*
  3. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    Thank you very much.
  4. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

  5. Deleted Mythril +11 Gauntlets

    I accidentally deleted my mythril +11 gauntlets that I made from +6 rebirth, I purchased 2 +6 rebirths from merchant and made one to +11 rebirth. Whilst switching my armors during PK, I accidentally deleted them at some point, as I had other junk +5 mythril parts in my inventory. I already bitched at Andrew, and he told me to come here; I understand if you can't do anything about it.. But, I figured i'd be honest as possible, and I hoped maybe I can get some help. Thanks FluffyKitten I had a screen shot of me making the gauntlets, however I couldn't find it. The kitten photo was for good luck.