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  1. What is my AP?

    Nice haters
  2. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    I’ll try make the best of it. Thanks for answer my topic
  3. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    So i guess i have to wait when this event finish? Because before the halloween patch if i descent on Tuke i can insta attack with him and also when i was pking with people on ts we had a mage OoooMETALoooO in our party and everytime she tped some1 people in ts complained about same issue i have so it’s also with tp Edit: Sorry for my bad english
  4. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    Idk since halloween patch i always have this. i have to say in csw it worked fine.
  5. What is my AP?

  6. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    For me it doesn't.
  7. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    And this also happens if i get Teleported And also Revolution players and MeTalger25 have problems with this so i'm not the only one.
  8. All the gems are useless i even delete them people their reason for to go to this event is for the achievement Juraid Protector
  9. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

  10. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    U see already the first comment fear started and change subject stop talk shit and keep ask debuffers how to play party cure also very nice npt on you always rezz die rezz die rezz die people make so much fun about you without you even know it. PS: How is it going with ur scammer friend EdgeOfDarkness?
  11. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    You should stop talking u are the worst player in ApexKO i challenge you 1vs1 2vs2 15K KC fucking retard. U wont even accept so stfu AutistClub.
  12. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    I won't give my info's to anyone in ApexKO. And i can also join ComplexSinz his teamspeak channel during the vs
  13. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    How dare you calling ComplexSinz MDMA this is a joke right??? Everyone except ur turkish friends with alot of brain problem and that can't even talk to you in english hates you. DaubbleAubble,FakeTaxi,and other english clans hates you very much but the turkish idiots probably give you discount on kebab that's why u join them. You are always talking shit getting rekt 24/7 You are the english version of ItzMDMA
  14. TheGANG New Video

    extrasensory=bulletclub? How he can talk so much shit if he plays like that o_O