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  1. servantofsex is scammer

    this servantofthesex is so bad. he calls out everyone to vs for kc and loses everytime. Same thing happened to me, but he isnt worthy to make a post about.
  2. Lmfaoooo first excuse = I was vsing your friend, not you second excuse = I used lion scrolls in all the vs third excuse = i was using gear, although all my gear on this server is sold.. ASD::ASD:AS:DA:SD What will the next excuse be?
  3. ItzMDMA/LauraWells = EasyPlayer TY 10.000KC
  4. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    GG Video... no competition anymore on apex
  5. Well, i believe that many topics people propose to the apex staff, tend to get ignored for some reason. I'm glad you responded to this one to be honest, as it shows that you at least recognized the post, and care to do something about what was proposed within this topic. Plus, usually when I ask a gm a question, i get " Go pm Root". At least someone showed they care this time so thank you Vivaldi
  6. ItzMDMA Special <3

    @Omega can you pls ban blackbolt... he is supporting scammer.
  7. ItzMDMA Special <3

    Can someone ban this blackbolt guy pls? He is hijacking my forum post.... Topic hijacking is not allowed (ex: You sell X for 20 and some other person comes into your thread saying he's selling it for 15).
  8. ItzMDMA Special <3

    Topic hijacking is not allowed (ex: You sell X for 20 and some other person comes into your thread saying he's selling it for 15).
  9. ItzMDMA Special <3

  10. ItzMDMA Special <3

    Supporting a scammer? HMM Sorry bro cant help you, go pm ROOT
  11. S>

    @ultimako i would bump your topic but idk gm omega might think its topic hijacking and might ban me again
  12. ItzMDMA Special <3

    Bro who are you? Arent you the guy who uses a draki dex ssa on a priest ? :ASD:ASD:A:SD BB you useless waste of space go support your scamming boyfriend MaskuLiN lmfaooooooooo i accidentaly had lion scroll on for 1 vs and he insta cries :ASD:AS:DAS:D yes bro i had kro set 11 on to A:SDA:SD:ASD:AS YOU ARE MAL
  13. As topic says, pm me what your offer is for items. 4x Rogue krowaz +11 (Pauld,helm,gaunts,boots)Rogue krowaz pads +7 revGarges dagger +11Iron belt +32x Rol +32x Eme +3Aod +3Draki SSS dex
  14. ItzMDMA Special <3

    lmfao if my combo was full macro what would be the purpose of playing ko? appreciate the comment baba <3
  15. Had to wait to get the right footage and finally got it. This guy rushes LITERALLY 100%, pulls from half way across the map, etc. Here's a quick video i managed to capture, hopefully something can be done.
  16. Just a trial video since its my first time making a videoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Footage was captured over 1 day or so, so didnt have much to work with Let me know what u think. :D:D
  17. DaddyLag Short VS Movie

    <3 thank you for the comment baba. P.S. My m20 didnt work on elos, so 1x lpp effect is the same as the m20 working