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  1. Roxas


    this guy screenshotted 2 vs's he won. one of the vs's he completely outgeared my starter gear lmfaooooo. But im to lazy to upload the other 3 or 4 vs i destroyed him in
  2. Roxas


    just to lazy to upload 17 minute long video of u getting recked :S
  3. Roxas


    sigh.... should i even bother uploading the video against a retard like this? =/
  4. Roxas

    Buy Bombastick Wiri +11

    You might be one of the worst warriors on apexko. Clan has 0 skill, and their all notorious scammers. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  5. Roxas

    Animosity PK Video #2

    Owned. GG video
  6. Roxas

    Razor King Bad Spam

    do yourself a favor and kill yourself
  7. Roxas


    My main suggestion is to remove BUS from blood seeker/ dtc/ beast etc. Make people go to bowl to farm their money, allowing them to only buy bus from npc for a normal price. This eliminates the absurd amount of GB's in the server, and can finally lower the price of 100kc (550m).
  8. Roxas

    nop Manchester

    i can do a vs for 10k kc. let me know when.
  9. Roxas

    Razor King Bad Spam

    Yea thats stilll a scam... lol. Edit: Many people also complain that they have stolen rof's from fela drops.
  10. Just need haungak sword +7/gabs blessing +3 and you will hit 2k+ dmg
  11. Roxas

    B< mage krowaz set +11

  12. Roxas

    B< mage krowaz set +11

    pm me in game name : Baked
  13. Roxas

    Is there any way to relinquish kingship?

    Atleast Razor is honest
  14. Roxas

    apexko best kurian pk

    this is my nick
  15. Roxas

    apexko best kurian pk

    dude youve posted the same video about 20x now. Holy shit its annoying. Stop posting your crappy video nobody cares i promise.