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  1. Xaldin pk

    harunga ko
  2. +++++++ keep this noob known.
  3. This IAntiChristI guy calls me out for a vs for 1k kc as seen- https://gyazo.com/4d166e342c099b1a56502caa7782841f It was a very easy vs and this is what he gives me- https://gyazo.com/eb4292b27520a093593dd4d67cb56829 refuses to pay me my other 500 kc. Although i dont really care for it, i just wana make sure the community understands this guys a pathetic loser.
  4. Nova Effect Fire Rain WF

  5. Was wondering if anyone has the file to make the nova effect come back for the fire rain windforce? Thank you boo boo's. <3
  6. Minor Effect

    Yok know shit about computers really. So have no idea what your asking
  7. Minor Effect

    But in times where there's wars/ gm events etc. individuals fps tend to drop and minor slows down due to all the effects. Your a warrior you spam 1 button you wouldn't get it.
  8. Minor Effect

    HORRIBLE IDEA. Non beneficial for those with low FPS, just cause you like the way it looks. P.S. You still wont beat people in vs if they fix the effect ASD:ASD:ASD:ADS
  9. Minor Effect

    Sorry not everyone invests their life savings like u do for a new pc #2017
  10. Minor Effect

    Dont fix this. Its beneficial for people with low FPS.
  11. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    Even on a sin, I'm getting descented back constantly while running... This needs to be fixed =/