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  1. 3 hours ago, Free2Play said:

    Nice fight amateur ppl maybe alt f4 have real life 2:00 my favorite muslim masselink also searching club i think your favorite sanzelize cafe go enjoy

    why tf are you stupid turk still around in this Forum? ohh wait lemme translate to turkish since you don't even speak Basic english : O.CCCCCCCCC

  2. 7 minutes ago, Free2Play said:

    Cp lucky and m20 i sure sure sure UsKO same yes have duration apex nice garges 2 curse :P 

    Also I play warrior you playing rogue 5 times garges curse even if you succeed you could not kill me anyway because you are the warrior and the kurian ko you pm me remember maybe other server versus i give you UsKO character 83+ 2x have warrior rogue i advance payment you 4-0 start u really 5 winn server Gordion all same item's :D

    Everyone knows that apexko rogue is not a fair character
    Because apexko 80% warrior 20% other class you know it also i last answer

    nice english ahahahahhgahha

    retarded turk