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  1. Number 2

    Totally new player

    Smoke screen disables vision for everyone if I recall correctly, not just the enemy.
  2. Number 2


    Ok fine in all seriousness yes, I agree that kurians should be nerfed. There I contributed
  3. Number 2

    ApexKO Movie Event

    Excellent job making this event. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Number 2

    Leonards / BP

    In all fairness, do you really expect a class that has all of that utility to also be able to fight? No one would play any other class (except Kurian cuz Kurian is OP ) if priests can duff, buff, cure, heal AND do good damage all while being tanky as fk 8- man INT BP parties pls
  5. I don't understand what you're saying. Sure the KC price went up in GBs. But the USD price of KC hasn't changed, this is reflected by the decrease in GB price. The only thing that can devalue coin is adding more coin into the game. KC price changes are just a reflection of how many Noah exist in the game. It is balanced by KC going up in GB price, and GB price going down in USD. As long as GBs stay at the same USD price, this balance should be fine. The real issue is the inflation. GBs being sold at a high price is just a result of that.
  6. That's a fair point, there needs to be more outflow rather than a reduction of inflow
  7. It's a good idea, I just don't think that putting iron necklaces in sundries is the best way to tackle this problem. What needs to be done is that the Noah farming techniques need to be nerfed since I cannot think of any good gold sinks in a game like KO. Reduce the shop sell price of BUS and add noah-payments to certain events (ex. 10m to enter juriad, 50m to enter Krowaz, etc. - these numbers can obviously be changed. ) Another possibility is to add more PUS items to the sundries (better scrolls/nation change/genie hammer/etc.) and make them fairly expensive. We just need more ways to get rid of Noahs
  8. Perhaps consider increasing the upgrade limit of chitin/chitin shell to +21 reverse? Just a thought. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Number 2

    ApexKO Trailer

    Great job! i enjoyed that
  10. Number 2


    "Every X amount of kills a nation gets in CZ, the opposing nation gets a 1% damage boost." Make X a number so that it is balanced. Sounds like a good idea to me. Anyone else? Edit: obviously make the damage apply to only one nation. If the nation with the damage boosts gets their kills back, reduce their damage by 1%. This boost would need to be updated in real-time, not sure if that is possible but it's just an idea
  11. Number 2

    Random monster invasions

    These events kinda favour rogues because of lightfeet
  12. Number 2

    Power Up Store Valentines

    That looks like an interracial marriage and I'm OK with that because it is 2016 ~~
  13. Number 2

    ApexKO upcoming patch! 29.1.2016

    Good news Edit: small suggestion: make Isiloon bigger. In her current size she can be hidden/missed/dragged away easily. The size of the Isiloon in eslant desert should work
  14. Number 2

    Harder bosses

    I don't think bosses spawn at a set time on this server, for example if talos dies, it can spawn anywhere from 4-6 hours from when it dies. Furthermore, there's no set location (or pattern) of where the bosses will spawn, I've seen all bosses in all zones in eslant.