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  1. YouGotPwndByMyAss Small PK Movie @Apexko

    nice video been a while since someone published something good
  2. the 5k heal I agree was a "tad" (LOL) over power can you not notch it down to like a 2k damage or something 960 damage is so weak and the weapon is so big animation on characters so slow EDIT if its hard to obtain then leave it at 5k
  3. TheGANG New Video

    yo dylan you know veronika she needs like gb sort her out about 100$ worth i think
  4. TheGANG New Video

    lots of editing nice nice
  5. TheGANG New Video

    haha till homies told you suck go reskill XD
  6. TheGANG New Video

    You da boss go rezz someone o i forgot you dont know how to
  7. TheGANG New Video

    nice change subject really salam
  8. TheGANG New Video

    whats up habibis nice video sadly joe is debuffing on the side which kind of messed up the vs if anything but ya was even for a while ya sadly 1 too many kurians plus two peeps on starter gear gotta make do what you have XD was fun see ya in cz salty pat dont quit bdw pls and killian go change char thx
  9. Nah dont nerf pls good to have PvP was fun last two days stopping orcs getting it!
  10. As they are not in sundries and take a while to farm is it possible to increase the drop rate on draki fossil in ronark land thanks
  11. Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    Thanks all that voted was fun!
  12. Vote For IWnxinatorZ Thanks peeps -
  13. Refund for KC spend on shadow pieces

    Bought two shadow pieces as well personally think it should be 100% with shadow and 25% without flooding server with hard items to farm not nice! <3
  14. Thanks for Vote Human King IWnxinatorZ

    sad part is last i remember him saying never to message him again / - .fail Thanks for those that are supporting me and taking part in this election
  15. Is there a damage test someone can do, and post?