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  1. TheMadOne

    Well Needed Suggestions

    hmmmm you guys not advertising the server that much forumtr and gamers4life someone should be bumping the server topics get a few people in and I think the key here is there no where to farm and make decent cash not even bf farming to genie and pass the time XD,
  2. TheMadOne

    Divide armour BUG

    Cannot cure the slowness unless relog what the heck please disable till fix
  3. TheMadOne

    Sick's Buying / Selling

    is it +11?
  4. TheMadOne

    Nomination Rating BUG

    Gratz on whoevers king!
  5. TheMadOne

    Well Needed Suggestions

    lol 4k damage on a non undy server T_T thats 2 novas a mage = 8k x 6 mages let alone 7? can we get rid of pt tp scroll in csw mages are regrouping so fast and with so much damage its a crazy
  6. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    torment and heals wtf skills are like not working at all click torment on floor dosent go off animation starts then mid way just disappears no ones touching me
  7. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    ... fix please cant even pk have to town every time 1 person dies
  8. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    yup still bugged after first rez dosent work
  9. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    first rez works after that no luck
  10. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    again not working they dead on top of me cant rez...
  11. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    not working for me :S works on priest not melees
  12. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    anyone know why with stones and everything
  13. TheMadOne

    :( Japan

    so sad that ending for them!
  14. TheMadOne


    Please Ban sorry to disturb - just not nice to have these toxic players around
  15. TheMadOne


    Thanks Gm ❤️ for the restore clannie is happy was having a bad day Another good job for the Apex Staff and Team!