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  1. [Cancelled King Event] -

    O mad you play on tissssssssss XD jajajaja XD heard you were trying to kill katakuri aka monkeystyle XD when he farming XD hmmmmm today not bad pk though
  2. [Cancelled King Event] -

    playing fornite XD you
  3. [Cancelled King Event] -

    jajajajajajajajajajaja razor so much love how are you habibibibibii!
  4. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan

    brook go int build 4 life dont lie best no need warriors!
  5. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan

  6. make ultima harder

    i got ya bottom on special symbol labelled free npt <3
  7. make ultima harder

    Night ones fun day one at work so dont see it guess its just on nation balance on how fast it dies if you want pk or not personally i like to not attack ultima till last 10 mins and just pvp dont want to be a douche but i know it can get frustrating for some to not get a hit in! but pks been great 10k before bdw 10k after been steady loving offline merchant makes server look gg
  8. Merhaba! Warrior Item Shop

    Warrior Items for sale! Krowaz set +11 warrior, Chaos Wirinom+11, Dragon set+11, String of Skull+3, Ring of Courage+3 Opal Earring+3 Iron Belt+3 Package deal welcomed sinlge purchase fine too but you have to be my habibibi Thanks for reading <3
  9. Log Map for War

    Any chance to put it in miss running around with towers and shooting with archers XD. Or add Catapults and Towers to lunar wars change it up a bit, Thanks!
  10. MadOne - Buy / Sell

    +++++++++++++++++++++ bump
  11. UTC in cz XD that would be awesome!
  12. MadOne - Buy / Sell

    Bump ++++++++
  13. MadOne - Buy / Sell

    HAha S>GAB ADA+11 rev now rest gone!
  14. MadOne - Buy / Sell

    SELLING Gab Adamant +11 reverse! SOLD PE+2 GAB ADA+10 Rev IB+2 ROL+3 x2 SSE+3 x2 Krowaz Set+8 Priest
  15. I think you kind of answer your own question people login to farm at the moment personally its tough to pk against you without a full warrior +9 party online your gears way too high for any rival clan at the moment and hence why half the server runs when they see your pt honestly i dont see a point coming human cuz same thing will happen one of your pts can take on half the orc side server at the moment its your clan and rome in cz on human side dont see much of any other clan at a constant rate