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  1. Elior&Chris 2vs2 Vanquish&ItzMDMA (LAST TOPIC)

    super speed macro O_O. wonder if you can play without it? the only thing you are doing is switching target and items. i dont think you can actually combo yourself.
  2. Pm me here your price. thank you
  3. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    this whole topic is cancer. /BulletClub
  4. TheGANG New Video

    Well this is the first time i've actually seen them not run from a oganized party. normally they just like to kill groups of randoms
  5. TheGANG New Video

    Wow. that was embarrassing lol. The one time i've actually seen DA come vs. and they get wrecked like that? Now i know why they won't even accept an 8v8 lol. Venezuala warrior is not so good. and the cc priest seem to be the first target. he could stand to cure himself a bit faster... or they will keep targetiing him. the party cures are fine. echooes are pretty nice with the timing