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  1. Priest Amination

    agree+1... pri casting skill and always slow skill or fast skill then fail
  2. so if server make 10gb 14days or 5gb 7 days... will more player buy this.. good for go down kc price.. if u want do it
  3. u feel kc cheaper now? 4.-4.2gb=100kc tatto patch(10/11/2017)4.3-4.4gb if just 10player buy this.. can't help go down kc price
  4. u can see solo pri use wiri in youtube but apexko haven't.. xd
  5. utc bug

    if priest rez... will dc ture?
  6. YouGotPwndByMyAss vs HANGOVER/Oguz Cocugu

    Maybe 20000kc...30000kc is much.. He is very afraid..
  7. TheGANG New Video

    I see... Full hp 10k heal