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  1. Lpp wf +11 Fr wf+11 Df legs+11 Ron's Rob+11 hp Ron's bottom +11 hp Chd+11 Heaps shard+11 Pm here or in game at Id- OMFG Thanks,
  2. Dual Rols +3 =4k (x2 only) Dual Sse3 +3=4k (x2 only) Glassbelt +3=7k priest krowz set +8. (Set only) = offer mage krowz set +8. (Set only) = offer rons robe +11 =offer rons legs +11 =offer aztec gold faun +11 =offer bombastic Leonard +11 =3.5k dragon set +11 (set only) =20k pm me here. Or in game at id iTzTaKeNoTeS (BUYING) All rogue items full rogue items Warrior krowz chest +8 Thanks
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