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  1. baked ?

    can I get a gm to moderate this vs? here are my rules full starter account warrior which we make for each other. fll starter items no acheavs etc. if you choose to accept.
  2. nice krowaz

    this kid beats him when he is fll starter vs fll gear wins posts video GG lol. now the he has gear but still not as much as the 11 krowaz guy loses nice video
  3. yes MDMA / TheGameMafia tbl. they had videos on youtube of them selling tbls I even found char that mdma used to vs manhattan in avideo showing off his tbls :DA:F:AF:FD:D they really are retarded. so cancer to this server those 2 really always bad mouth fll insult "i hope yourmother diez so I can rape her" etc really bad for apexko but gms I guess don't care
  4. darkness weapons should never be added to apex. if one warrior gets the darkness spear and does aoes with proc he can solo kill 7 mages by himself the spear proc doubts dmg done.... dark mace spam 1k dmg as priest darkness weps are to OP for apex.. UTC yes I agree that should be released but never darkness
  5. np I am selling the Whistle clan name. list below your offers
  6. S. WHISTLE clan name

    sorry bro. a clan name like this.... I cant let go cheap

    really bro that cheap? hella shard 10rb for adamant 5rb? that's such a good trade iyi
  8. I agree @BulletClub you made some GG points here. not.
  9. 8v8 2v2 1v1

  10. 8v8 2v2 1v1

    here are my rules..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STARTER WARRIORS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DUAL SHIO OF TEARS +2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dual ETS +8 ~~~~~~~~~~~ DUAL CLERIC EARRINGS +2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ROSETTA +8 STR~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1v1 pm me.. ARE YOU SCARED?
  11. Futuristic intro

    nice cancer cancer
  12. TÜRK GM MOD?

  13. Ultimate Priest Setup (Guide)

    thanks for the info. I think ill try chit8 BP now. sounds legit. xD
  14. baked ?

    then why bother make a comment lol nice excuse. just say your scared
  15. baked ?

    immortalone. warrior vs warrior fll starter or sin vs sin fll starter 10k kc. let me know
  16. baked ?

    I like how you all can talk but wont vs war v war fll starter np nice talk
  17. baked ?

    so you don't accept ?
  18. baked ?

    I don't think he will do this vs. he just loves to talk a big game
  19. MDMA VS BADASS 4kc

    if you think you are good enough to 1V1 me. accept this challenge. here are my rules 1V1 warrior class items ARE: ~ DUAL SHARD11 ~IB1 ~IN1 ~ DUAL IMIR RING2 ~ ROGUE EARRING1 I know you are too chicken shit to accept this challenge.... NOOB free kc
  20. MDMA VS BADASS 4kc

    this is how I know you don't understand any English xD GG mdma GG tell me you accept and understand my rules and we can do the vs. if you show up with anything other then what I listed you lose I win.
  21. MDMA VS BADASS 4kc

    u read my rules ? are u sure you want to do this? I don't wanna take candy from a baby. warrior with duel SHard11 can you handle it?
  22. MDMA VS BADASS 4kc

    do you accept my challenge ?