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    Nath reacted to Xiao in idea for pk   
    I agree with Vivaldi about Felankor. If people are given notice before the spawn of Felankor, they will probably log their mage and assassin characters, and if there are more than 2 parties, the mob will literally vanish into thin air in 20 seconds . So letting people keep track of its spawn time(~8-10 hours) means that they will stay longer in CZ so there will be PK(of course, if it's kinda balanced considering both nations) before and after the spawn.  
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    Nath got a reaction from BulletClub in TheGANG New Video   
    Get a cracked Fraps copy please. That watermark ruined your video.
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    Nath reacted to XxxKingRazoRxxX in ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO   
    Well yeah it is boring. Not everyone can be a stuntman who OD's on cocaine and pills but hey, that's the beauty of mankind. We're all different. It would suck if we all were identical.
    Can you imagine a world full of Solozzo's? Literally nothing would get done lol.