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  1. Nath

    NP Increase Scroll Bug

    I'm not following you either. I go all the time Jr > Eslant > Moradon > CZ. Unless you're counting Eslant as EMC, I never go there. Anyway, it happened again last night. I was in CZ with both attack/defense enchant scrolls and got summoned into Juraid (weapon enchant scroll was gone as soon as I landed into Juraid). I haven't played since last night so you can check out that time frame. Again, this might be just visual (client side?) I will pay attention now checking my AP to see if it remains the same even after the scroll is gone.
  2. Nath

    NP Increase Scroll Bug

  3. Nath

    TS & Stun & Slow

    Please focus on this as well. After the server went up the range from mages is insane, no false claims here. The range increased drastically. They're already OP, so please, check this out and make it a priority. (Not just staff skills, range skill as well) Also, there seems to be a visual bug, melees look far in your screen, but they can still attack you. (perhaps same bug?) Just please have a look at this.
  4. Nath

    About CSW / King, Tax Rate % Money.

    Are you sure on this? I'll admit I haven't played USKO in over a decade, but back in the days there was no taxes in CZ (which makes sense). I'm not against having a tax % in CZ (if that means more PK) but how to decide who will get the reward? Is it going to be the nation with more combined NPs at the end of the month? Is it going to be the player with more NPs at the end of the month? Is it going to be the clan whose members attained the most NPs at the end of the month? Etc, etc. The list can go on but I think I made my point. There's just way too many variables to make this fair and square for everyone.
  5. Nath

    Well Needed Suggestions

    In my case I've noticed group complete healing and torment skills get canceled a lot (again, maybe is because there is tons of archer shooting at you now) and that wasn't the case before, but I'm not talking about arrow shower, it makes sense such skill having a high cancellation rate. I don't know too much about archer skills but I didn't exaggerate when I said "a single arrow across the map" will cancel your casting as a priest. So I think the skills with a long range also have a very high cancellation rate, try those in your tests (sorry I can't give specific names). It's pretty common to find a battle these days where you're fighting multiple enemies and random(s) archer(s) just happen to spam arrows at you from the distance to prevent you from debuffing/healing. It's like annoying guerrilla tactic, they don't get any kills, but your party end up dyeing to others.
  6. Nath

    Divide armour BUG

    This happened to me last CSW, but with mage ice skill. Although I was cured by my priest plenty of times, I was still slow with the debuff on. I had to relog to fix it.
  7. Nath

    NP Increase Scroll Bug

    This happens to me quite often with Weapon Enchant scroll. The scrolls icon just disappear from my 'buffs bar'. I haven't been paying attention closely enough but I think it happens when I die to other players (not all the time). I didn't bother to report it because it was just Weapon Enchant scroll, but it sucks if this also happens with NP scrolls. Going to keep an eye on this to help you debug it. Edit note @twostars I could recreate the issue (with Weapon Enchant scroll) it happened twice when switching instances. 1. First I had my scrolls and got summoned into Juraid Mountain, result: Weapon Enchant scroll gone. 2. Had scrolls once again and got summoned into BDW, result: Weapon Enchant scroll gone.
  8. Nath

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Test shooting arrows to a priest, that's it. I'll guaranty you will see the crazy cancellation rate. I can't say if this was the case all along (since we really didn't have archers parties in this server before they got massively buffed). But since that patch, all it takes for an archer is a single arrow from across the map to cancel a priest skill, consistently.
  9. Nath

    About CSW / King, Tax Rate % Money.

    This request makes no sense, and I'll explain why. This is the official behavior and by those standards it means it'x perfectly developed. 1. If you're a king, it's logical that you control the economy taxes under your domain (EMC, Luferson) whether the tax is 10% I assume it's based on the fact that back in the day (official client) those two maps actually had a lot people grinding on them. I could care less if they increase it to 20% or not, up to devs. 2. If you're the CSW winner you have control over Moradon area, therefore you can tax it being 20% the max (fair prize). 3. CZ being a colony zone (as the name states), can't be 'own' by anyone: nation, clan or particular. Therefore is a market free area. How can you decide who deserves taxes from this area? Now, since this is a private server, everyone is either in CZ or Moradon, so the ones that benefit the most are Castle holders and that rate being 20% seems like a fair prize to them.
  10. Nath


    Thanks for looking into the issue in depth. At today's war I didn't lag as much as on the previous ones, neither in bowl after, but I reckon there wasn't that many players online nor that many mages nova'ing. PS. Can we do something to keep some sort of nation balance in the server? It seems like it can't never be even, no matter what. Clans NT'ing so much.
  11. Nath


    I'm sure you can do better than this. @Insomniac described what the issue is very well. And yes, this wasn't as horrible before as it is now. Time to scale up the server or diagnose the issue properly to check what's causing the lag spikes when many people gather in the same area.
  12. Nath


    Thanks a lot for the restore Apex staff. 👏 And to everyone out there, watch out for this guy, he doesn't mind taking your items having the chance!
  13. Just scammed 25 tears and 2 pieces mage krowaz +8 He is taking items off now https://apexko.com/character/butcherrrrrrrrrr @Aesteris @Vivaldi
  14. Nath


    Apologies in Advance for necro'ing. Listen to @Sick staff. The server is in a critical need for new players and not just mages (you went for an specific audience in you latest expansion, no problem) but you need to bring everyone to this server. You need to advertise or whatever idea cross your mind to achieve this, but you've got to do it right now or you're going to lose the few loyal players you've got, not because the server is bad, not because it hasn't been properly ran, but because it's dead boring. Take as reference today's UTC, the event is looking good from a developer perspective, you made it scale properly, you fixed most of the bugs, so I give you a big kudos for that! Ironically and although the event is better than ever before, I think this is actually the very first time we're unable to complete the first one of the day bot because of buggy content, but because nobody showed up for it. People is not logging the server, my clan doesn't login anymore and when they do all I hear is "Why do I even login, this is pointless", etc. We have to find a way to address this. What can we do as community to help? Don't look at this topic/post as a complain, it's just that people that has been long enough in the server to see its progression is now able to tell how it is slowly dying. Don't let that happen.
  15. Nath


    The server needs more players, especially from America (South-Central-North). On this timezone the server is plain dead. Nobody wants to login anymore, it's too boring because there's nobody online to PK against. @Aesteris the staff need to find a way to increase the number of people in the server, it doesn't matter how good the server is (which I think is the best one quality wise out there) by far. But none of that matters if nobody gets online to play. People nowadays only login during events because they think that's the only time when there is enough people for a decent pk.