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    Eh, no it wasn't. I'm talking about the last UTC (midnight EST) my time, no Ultima whatsoever around that time. We couldn't kill the first boss.

    We couldn't finish last week UTC @Aesteris (first time?) that should tell you something. You guys did something to the HP of bosses last patch that made it impossible for the low population of the server to go all the way to the end. Essentially just made it worst and it was already hard to finish.
  3. Why you keep pushing your own agenda John? Last time I checked you even made a Topic-poll about it and the community said no. So how do you speak in the best interest of us (the community)? Red pot won't do any good. They do need to buff up assassins in some way though, I do agree 100% on that, but this is not the right topic for such discussion, let's stick to the subject. @YouGotPwndByMyAss I can only speak for myself, whether a clannie is also asking for this non-sense or not, such argument is totally irrelevant. I stand, there's nothing utterly wrong in the current warrior class as to make it an un-playable class, none. And If according to you I die 24/7 in CZ, it should be in my best interest to also be asking for this "buff", yet I don't, the class it's more than fine, other classes are struggling a lot more than warriors in this server. PS. Don't put words in my mouth, how would I want a kurian/archer server when I play and enjoy using a warrior? Have some common sense.
  4. This have got to be a huge joke. Fix warrior damage? I play warrior, daily, not even close to be full geared and I feel perfectly fine. People complaining about warriors here are just mad that they can't 2 hit players with their baba gear anymore. What did they do? Removed 15 str from battle cry, my god, biggest nerf in KO history /quit. I mean, I just can't, not even for a second put on these guys shoes. How they can they think warriors are an under-powered class, even in their current status (mages/archers being super annoying). Nuff said.
  5. Power over player at war

    Hmm I was there yesterday and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was a "spammeable" feature, either that or the duration of the provoke animation is too long. Couldn't heal for 3 to 4 seconds every time it was cast, and trust me, it was cast non-stop a few times (don't ask me how). #2 I think would be the fastest to implement and an acceptable fix. #3 Would be ideal, but that seems like can take a while (and I really think there are other more important things you should be addressing first). So I'd be glad with just #2 for now.
  6. Power over player at war

    I'm supporting this request, as a priest if they use such commands you cannot heal or cure. Now I think you can see the issue when these kids start spamming the commands and you're in the middle of a fight. Mages were wiping out full parties yesterday because of this.
  7. Current UTC status

    Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but what I understand is that now the HP of the bosses in UTC will scale accordingly to the amount of players inside? If so it works just fine for a few people, but it's not scaling well for many players, that's the current issue, as soon as people leave the instance we're able to kill the bosses, as soon as people gets back it gets super harder
  8. I think for the people attending UTC this morning was more than obvious that the recent changes did more harm than good, in case you needed more proof, let's take the current (non-finished) UTC as example. Can we properly discuss the matter now, instead of just getting a response like the one I quoted from Aesteris, please?

    @BulletClub No, what the server is better without is the cancer people that floods the chatbox with non-sense. If it wasn't for them, we'd still have a handy informative board. @Admins/mods you may want to take a look at that latest patch, things didn't scale well in UTC. Actually I think is the very first time we require GMs assistance to finish UTC at this time of the day. So that's a clear step backwards.
  10. BDW shutdown time

    Yes, the other party left and we were like 24 - 4 We had to take the monument to get over 80 points, so yeah, that's more than one minute for sure.
  11. BDW shutdown time

    Introduced in this patch Now seems to be bugged. Second night in a row that I'm in BDW and the whole party from the other nation leaves but the instance and the event doesn't shut down automatically.
  12. Is it possible to increase the duration time of this buff? It's so annoying having to re-cast it every 3 seconds. You can increase the price accordingly as well to keep the price value, just make it so it last 30 minutes like any regular buff. that'd be great.
  13. Atross/Riots NP bugged

    What I said, not the other way around (what you described). @ItzMad confirmed it. Not sure about when it started, but the player not in the mob's range get the nps, the rest of the party get nothing.
  14. Atross/Riots NP bugged

    If at least one person in the party isn't within the mob range when it dies, that person will get all the nps and the rest of the party won't get anything. That's the bug.
  15. Raiding.

    It doesn't really make sense, to anyone. KO is a pk oriented game with maybe the best trinity pk system out there in the MMO scene (The only reason why we still play this 15 years old sh#$ty graphics game) where anything worth getting is either in CZ or pk events (BDW, Wars, JR, Chaos), having a feature to toggle off/on your pvp status is the worst idea you can think of. Now if we're talking about giving pk a twist, maybe implement a 3v3 arena feature, that'd make it fun for small teams, although that'd also remove out of CZ players, and with the current low population, that's overkill.