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  1. Less waves and updated rewards. Boom, there you go. I want my cookie. No, seriously, less waves please. 20-30 minutes of boring grinding for a scale is just not worth it.
  2. Random disconnections

    Thanks for the reply. At least for me today has been totally different, no single dc so far. So good work!
  3. Random disconnections

    Something going on with the server after this last patch. I get instant disconnected after a while every time. No lag, no connection issues. Just plain dc every hour or so. Please look into it because I didn't have this problem before this patch.
  4. TheGANG New Video

    Get a cracked Fraps copy please. That watermark ruined your video.
  5. Separate Titan's drop. Let me explain, right now Falcons drop Mythril armors, that makes it ideal to farm alone if you're a rogue. Now if you're a priest or a warrior you'd have to deal with the other class armorr in case you're farming Titans. It would be cool if it only drop a single type of armor. Maybe have Dark Stones drop the other type?
  6. Yet another d3d9.dll Error

    I did google it and found a forum post of an old game (not sure if I can link here?) stating the problem was due to graphic card drivers, something about Nvidia not using that library or so to run games. But I recently updated my drivers though. I did download other DLL files from the net, even copied the one from my laptop (where the game runs smoothly) without any success at all.
  7. Yet another d3d9.dll Error

    Hello Vilvaldi, thanks for the quick reply. I tried reinstalling the game as you suggested, but again, no luck. Yes, my firewall and antivirus are fully disabled. If it's not too much to ask let's try via TeamViewer because I've tried everything so far with no luck.
  8. Yet another d3d9.dll Error

    Hello, sorry to bother with this error but I've tried everything suggested by the other topics related to this matter and yet I can't make the game run. I'm running an old PC with windows XP service pack 3 Nvidia Geforce FX5200 No antivirus, no firewall. The DLL file in question is there where it should. I'm almost convinced it must be related to my hardware because I can play the game just fine from my laptop. So any help is gladly appreciate it.