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  1. UTC: Scrolls deleted on entry & exit

    I have experienced the mage casting failed a lot in UTC. Like 50% it fails. Not sure if that's ok
  2. Refer to this topic, same request. Let's all keep the effort together so they realize this is a very bad change for the game.
  3. Daily 1h premium

    @Aesteris @Vivaldi @twostars Can we get our DC vouchers back, or at least an answer on this matter (positive or negative)? Really nice idea, to have vouchers people has been stacking for months turned into something else without their consent. Kudos.
  4. Daily 1h premium

    They have been turned into WAR vouchers, enjoy when you're back
  5. Daily 1h premium

    Switch or just DC. WAR premiun was a bad idea to begin with for people that doesn't buy premiun, you just ruined their farming experience (BUS, BF, Titans). I understand you want people to come in server, new people, and pk, a lot. But that DC premiun and the oreads one were the only daily Q that didn't give an Apexis chest worth doing. Please, revert it to DC premiun.
  6. make ultima harder

    It doesn't matter if they make it stronger. A few months ago it was easier to kill, so they went ahead and actually implemented what you're proposing right now: they increased Ultima's resistance. Believe it or not is way harder to kill now than what it was a few months ago, and yet it still dies in 20 seconds. So it doesn't matter how many times they do this, the result will always be the same (unless they go to a point where is so hard to kill that nobody can lol), and let me explain why: The current problem is the nation imbalance during the day time (day for me at least). There's not enough organized humans to fight orcs, so most of the human players quit, log an orc toon and get their easy box and that's it, pk is over. During the night, at least at the moment, this is not the case. Even though human nation is stronger, Ultima doesn't die in seconds, it can even last up to 30 mins alive, hence keeping nice pk around it, but that's because the nation balance is not as impaired as it is during the day (and because humans don't rush to kill it, we actually try to keep it alive as much as possible to maintain the pk). @BroOk I don't even like this Ultima in CZ to be honest, but I've got to give it to the admins, it does bring a lot of pk to CZ, sadly people just logs to get their box and then go AFK. So even though I don't like it and I'd rather have it removed, that won't do any good whatsoever pk wise. As for removing one of the scheduled respawn, you can't just have one single event on a global server like this, that's just mean. The reason all these events repeat through the day is because they've got to give a chance to everyone in the server to have the experience, so it's not like they want to give away lots and lots of free items, no. It's just a timezone matter, removing one the events it's just unfair for the people that's going to miss it because they can't attend during that time. You're practically giving a whole timezone an advantage over the other.
  7. About ARCHERY CLASS status now

    ^ This Also full archers party are quite strong and annoying to face in here. I guess is just a matter of no having enough archers in the server to assemble the right parties. PS: I usually play with a single (max AP) archer in my parties, he always gets the kills, so in my humble opinion I think the class does more than fine. Glad he is in my party
  8. 8vs8 TheGangAgency vs BrokenHabibi/UnitedHabibi

    On a side note, BrokenHabibis is not the same clan as UnitedHabibis, so please don't tag the video like that. UnitedHabibis had some really mentally challenged people in there, well just one, I think everyone knows him xD. So please, don't put us in the same bag, we don't want to ever be related to that dark episode again
  9. EveryDayImHustLin Always Afk. In Events/Bdw/Juraid

    BAN this guy already. Jesus, why something that is fkn obvious to a GM that just needs to log in during events time to see it is so freaking hard to get done? Do your job, pay enough to these guys so they get online everyday. Freaking ridiculous. This guy does it every single time. He helps the other nation to win. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  10. [Guide] How to delete a character

    Why does it cost so much? You can NT a whole clan for that amount, for a regular game feature it seems utterly expensive for me.
  11. Dealing with AFK players in events

    I'm sorry to necro. But this has scalated to AFK players in Juraid and Border Defense War events where kicking the player is just not enough. Is there something that could be done for such cases? It ruins the gaming experience for other players on these events, specially when the AFK player is the priest. At least there should be a way to punish the player who is doing it (willing it or not). I like the idea you expose on not letting the player queue back to the event for X amount of days, or X amount of time ban, something that should teach them a lesson of caring a little bit more when queuing. People could just report and expose the AFK player for further actions from the staff team.
  12. Temporary Assassin Buff

    Make regular rogue skills fail-safe. I think that's a good start to buff rogues.
  13. Haha, well I'm old (myko, knight empire) player who left KO many years ago, and just recently came back to play in this server, seeing the Kurian class for the first time here. Warriors didn't have descent and mages didn't blink either back in the days. So you had to be extra careful, but I guess times change. PS. I'm playing warrior even though I made that suggestion.
  14. These are excellent news. I agree with all 4 points described above. Also, I did complain about NT as well in the past (Since @YouGotPwndByMyAss brought the matter to light). It should be a KC only feature if you ask me. It's annoying how most just follow the trend and NT to the nation that can easily win events and chests, over and over. That also kills the PK.
  15. Nation transfer question

    Thank you so much for the reply Xiao. It's all clear now /lock