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  1. Buying 2x mage krowaz set +8 or +5, pls pm me if u have good mage items.
  2. Server need mage teams for good pk but mages will not come back apex because asassins and warriors one shot to mages. İf u want to improve pk, mages should be in server. Mages will not come apex again if new server will not open. and u said pk is on fire, i bet only 6 party in cz when u write this. 5 pt human 1 pt karus lol.
  3. i gave up. They should open a new server to improve pk. This is the only way. NO NEW PATCH, NO NEW EVENTS, SO PEOPLE DONT WANT TO START APEX. EVERYONE GOT +11 ITEMS OR ETC. +3 ACCESORIES. APEX NEW SERVER> USKO OR OTHER PVPs. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT SERVER. Thx for attention.