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    Bugs and bullshit in ApexKO.

    First of all: Some bullshit that's going on in this server: 1: When you get divided it don't show in the partybar like a debuff like other debuffs like Torment/Malice. (SO A PRIEST CAN'T KNOW IF HIS PARTY MEMBER IS JUST SLOWED OR DIVIDED!) 2: Archer LightningArrow&IceArrow & Mage Stuns&Slows 99.9% Chance. EVEN ON FULL RESSISTANCE UNIQUES EVEN WHILE I USE GAB SHIELD IT'S 100% AND IM A FACKING WARRIOR NOT EVEN A SIN!!! 3: Sins always fail damages it's not like this on Usko!!!!! Sins always hit nothing because of it! 4: Warrior Aoe's VERY VERY SHORT RANGE AND THE DAMAGE FAILS ALOT OF TIMES! 5: No Duration Pots. 6: No Undy Scrolls. 7: No Red Pots. 8: PLEASE DELETE DOT KURIANS FROM THIS GAME! JUST DO IT EVEN THO THEY ARE IN USKO AND ALSO IN USKO NOBODY PLAYS THIS AIDS CLASS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE IN HERE AND THIS SERVER IS NOT LIKE USKO ANYWAYS SO BETTER TO DELETE THIS CLASS ALREADY EVEN MY ASS CAN 1VS8 WITH THIS CLASS. 9: Alots of time mage teleport skill doesn't work somehow even tho not Undefeatble cursed! 10: Humanside after playing a while all Attack animations are slow! (Very annoying after aoe's to attack fast with cry echo it cancels!) 11: Holy Animor+13Rev is stronger then Holy Animor+14Rev. 12: Aoe Stun of kurian is 100% in usko it's not! 13: Horse in war slow animation on Battle Cry very very annoying! And i'm sure there is more what is not right! And i'm getting sick of it. Ressistances do not work! Even @Sick on like 400-500 Ressistances getting permanently stunned. So please fix this or alot of players will quit or login Dot Kurians Archers for real aids Harunga PK thank you!
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    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    Goodluck and Welcome Back MyNameIs!
  4. YouGotPwndByMyAss

    We killed the Ultima one but where is the drop?

    Seems like some brazilians took the rope this night.
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    server need something new!

    Go outside.
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    lr damage bugg

    I think you tried today this: If you are complaining that stun is not working you really used some of Stroh Rum 80% else it can't be.
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    server need something new!

    First of all u selected with ur quote on the Admins Aestreis that's not Aesteris. Second: You are kinda true about the merchant. But you have to know this Medal & Apexis system is already open since 2016 April so there is alots of items in the game. But they should do something against it to stop it. For example to delete those mini bosses which are dropping those items to and even at +6! And specially all those items aren't worth shit because Ultima and felankor are dropping cursed weapons +3 reverse and krowaz at +8! But Rosetta is actually normal it's not worth anything u kill a Nigmash and u have +7 lol i don't even understand why you add that tbh. This is why the interest is lost into Medal&Apexis chest&Krowaz chest items. They should do something against that let Ultima drop something else instead of that Third: Dark Items is a server killer. Imagine if the Darknight Bow comes in the game everyone change class into archer stunning eachother 24/7 with light arrows and curse lol! And then you can really call apexko LegolasKO. And priests healing enemies o_O a big nono! And holy knight is way to tanky for a server without red pots.
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    Gaming Record Software

    https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/ and sst nopwick
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    Sick's Buying / Selling

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    BUY ROF +3 // SOS +2

    ++++++++++ for my walker ❤️
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    Stop it Johnwick. You are really making it like it's the end of the world. Ye i do agree aswell that sins should be buffed but don't push this hard lol. I think they are getting tired of it of all the spams. And this is why they don't answer. But i do support ur idea's tho.
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    Imbalance of server

    you started with this u blind monkey: All he said was you were crying but it's true 24/7 you are always crying and 24/7 on this forum even more active then MDMA and behaving like him there is no difference between u and MDMA. Same poor, Same brain.
  14. YouGotPwndByMyAss

    Imbalance of server

    You are the only one that can be compared with MDMA lol! Look what you just said about him that he is a *retard* i don't agree with him about his options but there is no reason to for to call him things like this. Thought i was the flamer but u can't make a single post without a cursed word in it about alot of different people. Could you stop being a drama queen and let people make some discussion? Thanks. PS: I agree with him about all what he said about you tho.
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    final ban?

    First of all if you have proof of me taking an item or any $ i will refund this soon as possible I feel bad make people lose $ which they worked hard for ingame/real life. But sure c'mon proof me that i'm a scammer i'll give you my account KingChris 11.5M Np's for free if you have proof that i scammed someone. You only try to give me a bad name and that's it And this all because i won you on 1vs1 with lower items and scrolls. And go call Zaikooo right now i want to see this! First of all i'm going to 20 second i didn't say i'm the best but for sure i know im better then you even MauMau10 is better then you. And i told you before about start gear i only want to do it for KC worth of 400$ With a GM holding the KC for giving the winner. Cuz im not coming to show im better then you i already won you 500-0 for free i only would like to do it for a rewarding. Cuz i come for that not for a brainless guy like you PS: You don't care about me but make daily 20 topics about me? #Fail Again xD and may i know why you write an excuse after u said you don't care about me being the best? XD ur so crazy really what did u use?? Good stuff. Okay so we both were wrong let's punish us both @Aesteris @twostars We both made a wrong in forum Rule i haven't seen it good either. Please take him and me so he let the people alone who are trying to make discussions about Rogue class and Pus Scrolls on this forum.
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    final ban?

    @Omega @Sierra He is showing private messages in this topic that is ban able on forum. In old vivaldi rule list you can see that. PS: @ImmortalOne I would like to add you are flaming constantly the forum 24/7 i just came after a while to attack you cuz ur mouth is 24/7 wide open against everyone. And you are the one who got banned for scamming in ko4life: And not me. There is no proof i scammed anyone but for you there actually is! Take care and hopefully once in ur miserable life u will achieve something but i doubt it u wont come more far then sliding atross and dieing to warriors MauMau10 and cry in forum.
  17. YouGotPwndByMyAss

    final ban?

    You have to much free time and no life at all. 1: I got punished in past from multi clienting this is correct i lost all my items after getting caught and last chance were given after i solved the multi client issue with Alpha back in 2016. 2: I didn't scam any clan or player else i was banned on ko4life like you and had a really bad reputation like you have. I have lend 1000$ of items from BrickBreak. I have lend 1402140 times dual rofs+3 235409235 times chaos weapons+11 for 2vs2s etc. And never scammed anyone @TukeOP @BroOk @Allanoon @DeadWalker 3: This felankor video it is not me doing it U can go check back in the database i give you $5000 if this accounts are from my IP. 4: You are making this topic for the 600th time cuz im a better warrior then you and in general a better ko player and i hurt you by saying how bad ur life is i know I'll just leave this here again: https://imgur.com/a/s89Zf nice descent nice warrior. This is the only reason why he make daily topics about me cuz he is not my division and don't use his brain. He only want to flame people ingame and forum cuz this is what happens to him on real life and this game and forum is all he has nothing else. Ciao.
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    EternalGory vs PLAYER // KonTRolsuz

    What the hell is this lol. Even in 2006 people were better then this. O_O i have to say nice spelling EnterNaGlory
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    Imbalance of server

    Let’s make sins great again! That’s my wish for this server and for my friends who are playing this class
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    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    What is going on here o.o
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    Ismuil full polemik
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    ++++++ for my abi
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    S> Elite Warrior Item

    Hehe +++++
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    S> Elite Warrior Item

    Sell List: Warrior Krowaz Set+11 Sold: Gab's Adamant+8[SOLD] Dual Rof+3[SOLD] String Of Skulls+3[SOLD] Dual Opal Earring+3[SOLD] Dual Platinum Earring+3[SOLD] Amulet Of Strength+3[SOLD] Sash Of Sorrows+3[SOLD] Minotaur Earring+3[SOLD] Iron Belt+3[SOLD] Chaos Wirinom+11[SOLD] Pm me ingame: KingChris/KingMerchant. Or pm me in forum via private message
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    S> Elite Warrior Item