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  1. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    Songs: 1: Kristian Kostov - Ne si za men (Official HD) 2: Illenium - It's All On U ft. Liam O'Donnell (T-Mass & LZRD Remix) 3: Iggy Azalea- Bounce (lyrics) Enjoy Watching

    I reported him already before in this topic: And Vivaldi gave him this warning at 1 February.: And now EveryDayImHustLin still repeats doing afking on events and he is still walking around on the server we need some action against this guy. @Vivaldi @Aesteris @twostars
  3. Buy / Sell item

    For cheap
  4. S>Full Warrior Items!!

    Update: Sold Dual Platinum Earring+3
  5. Buy / Sell item

    I'll guess you bought everything overpriced if u buy from TheScamAgency (They have to get winst/free items/kc somehow)
  6. Buy / Sell item

    Nice scammer clan leader IJenna how we can trust u? maybe you put in other curse weapon in trade then curse u have I think Clan Name Change need from TheGangAgency to TheScamAgency & also if u start other servers don't call it LoseYourSelf but ScamYourSelf. Funny scammer clan. You're clan leader is a scammer i think means all scammer because all TheScamAgency members swearing me in letter Nice TBL write me btw like in the oldtimes u did to SlowFingaz/Foxtrot #PLEASE YOUGOT BANNED TBL PLEASE. 😂😂😂 Nice TheScamAgency / ScamYourSelf i got a little LATE present 4u (I know that Christmas already finished but here we go:) Go again swearing me in letter because i show everyone that ur clanleader is a scammer. Gogo TBL write me😂😂😂😂
  7. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    IJenna Scammed me 1000KC. He made challenge 2vs2 10.000KC i won 5-1 and he give me Rogue Krowaz Set+8 & Ets+11=9000KC hello?? Where other 1000KC funny bitch??? THIS DON'T LOOK LIKE 10.0000KC THIS IS 9000KC WHAT YOU TRADED ME ALSO NICE LET OTHER CLAN MEMBER MAKE THE TRADE FOR PICTURE NICE EGO IJENNA/LOSELEADER/THEGAAYAGENCY LEADER. POOR BITCH 1000KC SCAMMER 2:13 maybe go cure ur warrior next time instead of debuffing me while he is superior parasited & tormented funny bitch NICE SCAMMER 1000KC IJenna/Jeanne/CryMoreSyndra/ TheGaayAgency&SlapYourSelf clan leader O.C. SCAMMER IJenna 1000KC GO GO CRY MORE LMAO. KC KC KC CHRIS ELIOR CHINA FRIEND BLABLA NICE CRY I LOG CHINA ACCOUNT BUT U LET OTHER PLAYER LOG YOUR ACCOUNT THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE ALSO NO RULE ABOUT ONLY MAIN USERS ON MAIN ACCOUNT IDIOT SCAMMER 1000KC. THE QUESTION U MAKE TO ELIOR IS RIGHT ABOUT URSELF U ARE A CHILDREN ASd:A;SD
  8. S>Full Warrior Items!!

    Update: Sold Gab's Adamant+8!!
  9. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

  10. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    I'm talking about real life & ingame. And once again it happend 2-3 months ago which i got muted for!. And i apologised for it in the shoutbox so??? What is the problem? I don't see them doing it. After what they did in my country & those idiots in this game to the jewish & chinese. Now close it Mert.
  11. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    I did 1 time because TheGangAgency did curse the jewish religion. And they make racism against jewish&chinese&taiwan people. But i said sorry for cursing and this is already 2-3 months ago that i did this and i got muted for it ingame. So don't open old subject (And those turks still doing it to CN&CrazyTime) But i have to say i hate&dislike 95% Of turkish people they don't have respect they are racists themselves and they curse other religions and think they are kings or something but fuck off really
  12. S>Full Warrior Items!!

    Update: Sold Dual Opal Earring+3!
  13. S>Full Warrior Items!!

    Update: Sold Exceptional True Silver+11, Castellan Sword+11. Added: Gab Adamant+8
  14. S>Full Warrior Items!!

    Update: Sold Rogue Krowaz Set+8
  15. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    He challenged us for 10.000KC right? But why he only give payment 9000KC? If he want's to keep that 1000KC so much then he should sell it for respect. And also i expect a sorry to all Taiwan&Chinese&Jewish people then u can keep the 1000KC @LoseLeader racist poor scammer bitch. Because right now this is how u look like @LoseLeader : (A funny scammer racist bitch.)
  16. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    1:20 Aoe's all LoseYourSelf warrior die 2:18 Nice double anger using and still cannot win Productive & Olof nice full starter unique item warriors Total score 27-2 Also nice change subject so because i expose u from scamming u need to show a video u beated cartel 8vs7/6 with full items against low items also nice 5x chaos vs 1x chaos ? Just 1000KC give which u still owe us and stop do racism then i stop chat and answer ur little funny drama's I'm surprised also that u scam 1000KC i remember MDMA was in ur teamspeak let's say 1 month ago he teached u? I also heard he was talking with u guys and chatting about me xd. While before he always küfür Allah & ur family members even CRYMOREFORHONOR his baby i heard? xD i think u are very sick person. New LoseYourSelf member? CryMoreMDMA? Really u guys are funny This is my last message: TÜÜÜÜH SCAMMER.
  17. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    REPEAT: Nice 8vs8 i have such nice +2 uniques there and chaos baal+8 shell pads+11 i remember and why u writing Revolution?? Cartel=10% Revolution. Also so nice Revolution left server we always said u guys we ready 10.000 - 100.000KC 8vs8 same item new accounts no problem you guys always quiet silenced and don't want and now Revolution left u guys make problem with innocent Taiwan & Chinese people and challenge them for 50.000KC 8vs8 but when lose 2vs2 to me can't even pay 10.000KC just 9000KC pay and scam 1000KC? Sorry but may i ask how are u gonna pay those 50k when u lose 8vs8? Or you also take scam option? #41.000KC scammed Sorry i just hate racism & scammers yes indeed fack you Some Easy Vsses: Cartel 8vs8 LoseYourSelf REWARD: 16.000KC: Cartel 2vs2 LoseYourSelf REWARD: 3000KC: CN 2VS2 LoseYourSelf REWARD: 10.000KC. (Only paid 9000KC by IJenna but scammed 1000KC): Cartel 8vs8 LoseYourSelf: Maybe Suck Some More Dick? SCAMMER!
  18. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    Cartel clan random clan we all meet in ApexKO never played before LoseYourSelf play together since they came right out of the pussy/Gorilla Cave . Also i didn't play 8 months before i came back in ApexKO to kill SlapYourSelf with shellpads+11 and starter uniques nice write me TBL. We cried? Yeah sure u guys cried about Rental atleast 2 weeks while all ur warriors have chaos weapons+11 in versus also CRYMOREFORHONOR nice krowaz +11 also ur priests like all of them have like 2-3 priest krowaz parts+11 we had only 1 krowaz+11 and that was Schism. But you guys lose 16.000KC 8vs8 against our Main party and u make video of some pk that you killed us 8vs7 (Undergearred party & not main party) nice 5x chaos weapons versus 1 chaos weapon Wow congratz bro you such good player But this is not subject i think more important is that u should pay me 1000KC u scammer Maybe go suck some more dick next time for us go play against China? Sorry i'm not RETARD i choose chinese&taiwan is nice people also PizzaRapper oldtime friend Gahi so why should i choose for people that tried to get me banned for TBL & Full swear me? Also nice racism to all my Jewish friends and now this week to all Chinese&Taiwan?? But beg for play for u?? not nice really Also u show me now u are big scammer u are just one big true sadness
  19. HardCore Special / Revulotion-Cartel

    Our party 6 member have. I don't see JINXXSTERRR & NiggaStoleMyBike you see??? I don't. Also i'm on full starter uniques & shell pads+11 & chaos baal8 ur warriors all Chaos Wirinom+11 our clan max item warrior Chayni undef baal+11 But we won 8vs8 16.000KC with main party versus main party what you try to point?? Also nice upload video which u recorded back in 2017 may ( 9 Months ago And u write in it Revolution lmao Cartel=10% revolution you just write Revolution because you lost with TheGangAgency 8vs5/6 against Revolution to keep ur ego high funny troll (Specially funny u post it when Revolution sold out ) Maybe pay the 1000KC already which u should give me for this 2vs2 scammer: 9000KC paid. Missing 1000KC where???