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  1. I Challenge You.

    Nice my lovely kvn fan. Running all over Colony Zone to malice and spam acid pots as priest (OoooVEoooO) Running all over Colony Zone to styx and blind me as archer (Ortega) Running all over Colony Zone as cube mage to cube my priests which are in my party as mage (MrHankey) Also known as kurian: OoooAToooO But why is this fan doing this? What have i done to you? Nice say to me i don't like macro players but u pked alot of times with ItzMDMA and other macro players so this is not a good reason You are so mean doing this all to me. Really i can't take it anymore if i don't sleep with my parents in night it's not gonna be alright!!! or probably won't even wake up !
  2. YouGotPwndByMyAss Small PK Movie @Apexko

    Not nice shohan
  3. YouGotPwndByMyAss Small PK Movie @Apexko

    Nice 2000KC scammer #SneakyKiller aka Scyther https://apexko.com/character/scyther
  4. YouGotPwndByMyAss Small PK Movie @Apexko

    Nice scam 2000kc after you lose 5-0 against me.
  5. YouGotPwndByMyAss Small PK Movie @Apexko

    Thank you buddy Haha u2 Maybe some more will come in the future
  6. Melody&Chris 2vs2 ItzMDMA&AthenSlayeR Challenge

    Thank you was a mistake i meant other topic
  7. Melody&Chris 2vs2 ItzMDMA&AthenSlayeR Challenge

  8. Need close biffrost it destroys Colony Zone pk! Also when those farmers make it +11 people won't do damage on eachother anymore! So it have 2 big negative points delete this armor and close this stupid biffrost already and add UTC!
  9. JewishAngel(Elior),JewishAnqel(Eden),Xaldin,OoooMetaloooO,Kakarrot. Love you guys <3 Songs: 1: Artistic Raw Feat. Ida - In The Middle (Radio Edit) (Official Music Video Teaser) (HD) (HQ) 2: Mi Gna - Super Sako & Avi Panel ft. Zehava Cohen | COBRA Remix
  10. Melody&Chris 2vs2 ItzMDMA&AthenSlayeR Challenge

    Then we have a deal! @Sierra @Omega We need your help for this 2vs2 the only thing you need to do is hold 6 Warrior Krowaz Parts+11 in ur invetory and trade them to the winners. Lemme know if u can be here for the vs
  11. Melody&Chris 2vs2 ItzMDMA&AthenSlayeR Challenge

    But we trade the 3x kro+11 to the gms before any vs starts okey?
  12. Xaldin pk

    Still dieing to a rogue as warrior is really a miracle in my opinion
  13. Xaldin pk

    No riote intro's
  14. YouGotPwndByMyAss vs HANGOVER/Oguz Cocugu

    I feel HANGOVER/GetReady4MyStorm is afraid of losing 30.000KC and he know im better then him