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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in B. Fll Rogue   
    krowaz 11 rb
    diet raum 11
    moon light +8
    2x eme3
    elf belt3
    draxcii sss
    iron belt3
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    Sacrilegious reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in CN 2vs2 LoseYourSelf/TheGangAgency [Reward 10.000KC] (IJenna Only Paid 9000KC) IJenna 1000KC SCAMMER! TheGangAgency CLAN LEADER!   
    YoYoPizzaRapper(Chris) & YoYoPussyRapper(Elior) 2VS2 IJenna & Elos. End Result 5-1.
    Reward: 10.000KC.
    IJenna paid me 9000KC worth in items as you can see in the video. And he don't want to give us 1000KC because we logged on YoYoPizzaRapper&YoYoPussyRapper they dont understand that Gahi/Pizza is my oldtime friend and PussyRapper my #1 Taiwan friend<3. So TheGangAgency are calling me a scammer because i logged on YoYoPizzaRapper instead of Gahi himself but funny thing is XanthisLatex played on IJenna so it's not only the CN clan that used their friends for play for them but also them so how am i scammer?? And this isn't even a good reason to call someone a scammer you that didn’t pay 1000KC @IJenna and try not to that’s scamming maybe next time tell eachother the real owners stay on their accounts? Hello.!! But you guys didn’t so Nerde 1000KC!! 
    Anyways 9000KC got paid but we still need to get 1000KC more which they don't want to give as u can see here: 
    IJenna angry on me because i log PizzaRapper just reason for not pay 1000KC not nice reason. And even if angry on me was a good reason they still also doing this to my little brother Elior
    PS: I didn't want to upload this video at all. But IJenna talk to Elior about me that i kufur everyone blabla and he don't want pay 1000KC is reason i continue upload i didn't want to upload against Elos but this IJenna don't leave me another choice.... and tbh im a part of CN clan i like them i think all taiwans and chinese are nice persons even the long range ones. They not here for polemic/drama and u (TheGangAgency) call them out and make racism against them and challenge them for 10.000KC so i said to CN i will login and play for CN. So PizzaRapper didn’t even ask me for it i came up with it myself so those people stop talk them. And free kc is ofcourse always welcome
     @VERSACEONTHEFLOOR Thanks for ur trust btw😊
    And don't forget to seal ur items
    Edit: IJenna confirms he don't want to pay the last 1000KC while the bet was 10k kc and he only give me 9k kc. Nice scammer IJenna / TheGangAgency Clan Leader not nice:

    Crying IJenna because i login YoYoPizzaRapper but XanthisLatex login IJenna also not real owner hello??? NICE CRY:
    Give last 1000KC. And i remove video you did this to urself you say to Elior i'm salak kufur and other bad words and scam Me and Elior 1000KC while u make challenge 10.000KC but only give 9000KC??? I waiting 1000KC Scammer!!!
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in /CLOSE TOPIC PLEASE   
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in YouGotPwndByMyAss 1vs1&2vs2 ItzMDMA/LauraWells Part 1 @ApexKO [REWARD 10.000KC]   
    ItzMDMA/LauraWells= Easy Player TY 10.000KC
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from Roxas in Biffrost/Ultima/Felankor/Other Subjects #Destroying Server   
    Topic hijacking is not allowed (ex: You sell X for 20 and some other person comes into your thread saying he's selling it for 15).
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from Roxas in Biffrost/Ultima/Felankor/Other Subjects #Destroying Server   
    yea or you get the classic I don't know
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from Roxas in Biffrost/Ultima/Felankor/Other Subjects #Destroying Server   
    cant wait to see the changes if I'm still playing!
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    Sacrilegious reacted to Vivaldi in Biffrost/Ultima/Felankor/Other Subjects #Destroying Server   
    I think you didn't read what I just wrote, which is alright but I'll kindly ask you not to diminish our work by spreading misinformation. We do care about our players opinion and suggestions as you can see below:
    1) It was suggested to deal with Bifrost -> dealt with;
    2) Nerf Kurians: We checked the pull rates and will follow it asap;
    3) About bosses: we've upgraded Felankor's stats last week as per requested and now will increase Ultima's stay in bowl.
    The above are just small examples that we adressed in this single thread just show that, yes, we do care and always did by doing constant changes and updates to the server.
    So one more time, do not spread misinformation, that's a disservice to our work.
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    Sacrilegious reacted to UltimaKO in ItzMDMA Special <3   
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in WHAT IS THIS ??????   
    if you use a ets u can attack from farther ranges. so if u want to attack like china use warrior ETS build for MAx distance use the mastery murder skill. then you will hit like china
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    Sacrilegious reacted to Vivaldi in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    We have dozens of new features to apply but they are all easy when compared to the actual UTC Event. UTC itself is what is slowing us down, it has so many details that it makes it a slow process to implement properly. The bosses in there morph into stronger forms therefore slighty changing their skins and even skills behaviour, they have cinematics displayed between their HP phases and that's just the start of it. We are mostly done with that though, now we need to take care of the surrounding factors.
    Another extremely annoying factor is that UTC is only hosted Fridays on USKO and that not everyone is able to get inside. So, sometimes we need to attend it in order to clear some doubts we have so we can move further with the project but we have to wait one week and even then, sometimes we don't get inside it. So it is a bit frustrating. I say this just to paint the picture for you all with some random issues we have to face that end up slowing us down hoping that the community understand it so then we can kindly ask for some patience
    As for an ETA, I apologize but I won't provide it in order not to let anyone down but know that we are working on it and moving fast!
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    Sacrilegious reacted to Melody in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    Hello Everyone, First of all I want to start and welcome all ApexKO players to Feedback & Suggestions about this subject.
    Any comments that are added to this topic that are not related to my topic will be ignored and are not needed, so please keep out unrelated subjects.

    As a Commander an old player of KO, since the passion came out mages basically don't have any chance agaisn't meeles that it's facts and everyone know it,
    no one can deny this, specially when they run with 3 priests. [In USKO they are even Stronger].

    As the only mage team right now on ApexKO with full geared and PUS Items we barely can stand agaisn't meeles.
    And as I said we are fully geared you can check on website: https://apexko.com/clan/17890

    Right now Mages Items are pretty cheap and kind of useless no one buy them.
    I think opening the +8 krowaz +8 cursed +3 Accessorize to gear merchant will bring mage teams back

    So my first Suggestion will be, to add 'Gear Despencer': Dual LKP+3 & EP+3 & LBOL+3 & Dual FR+3 & Mage Krowaz Set+8 & Curse Items+8.
    So even me and my team that had to buy those items and had to farm those items we support that.

    Second Suggestion would be, to add Blue Potion to Sundries for a amount of money like 1 Million since it's just for 10mins.
    or make it 30mins and then sell it for a reasonable price, again to incrase mage defense.

    Third suggestion would be, to add an NPC to exchange NPS for KC.
    Since ppl want a new start and there won't be a new server and they're already millions of NPS on the accounts.
    Like 100K NPS ~ 100KC, 500K NPS ~ 500KC and 1M NPS ~ 1K KC.
    + That would add a value to PK more and make the PVP more active.

    Eden || Melody.
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    Sacrilegious reacted to HenkaN in Using Macro's   
    Lol ban macros... I doubt USKO is banning/punishing even a fraction of everyone using some kind of automation. Maybe a strong word list of known programs or something. And even if they're detecting the method itself they can only ban the users using software for it, and not hardware. Is that even fair?
    Anyway if you know how to detect both hardware and software macros in a good and fair way i'm pretty sure they would implement a prevention for it. But it would have to be against all kinds of macros i suppose. Kinda lame to detect 5% of macro-users and ban them, but the rest walks free because it can't be proven. 
    h.g 2017 magro>all
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    Sacrilegious reacted to HenkaN in Using Macro's   
    Also remove dumb people while we're at it.
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    Sacrilegious reacted to HenkaN in Using Macro's   
    If the detection were there and working for 100% of the macros you wouldn't need to ban for it, you could simply just disable it, ezpz.
    But then again, the problem is not if it's nice to allow it or unfair to forbid it, it's about how it can be done lol.
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in Darius Sell/Buylist   
    LOL 1k for a 11 part ROFL if you find let me know xD wow
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    Sacrilegious reacted to BulletClub in Darius Sell/Buylist   
    lmao. idiot trying to sell krowaz. now its worth 1k for +11 piece
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    Sacrilegious reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Darius Sell/Buylist   
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in Darius Sell/Buylist   
    - ItzMadam 
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    Sacrilegious got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in Darius Sell/Buylist   
    he doesn't tbl you just suck.
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    Sacrilegious reacted to Jinxxy in ........................   
    Warrior: YouGotPwnedByMp/HP POT/Des TBL, 
    Sin: TheCanButThe, iSacredDavid
    Priest: AurorasVail, RalphThePaladin
    Mage: IPheonI,SkyKingWaka
    Kurian: SirBangAlot
    Warrior: MeTaLger25,Chayni(nice follow)
    Sin: Elos, IVictoriouS, DrManhattan
    Priest: MERET, xHomiez
    Mage: StayAwayFromStun
    Kurian: Godlessturtle