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  1. TakeNotes S> list

  2. TakeNotes S> list

    ill give you 2k kc for dual rol3 and 10k for DF11 set - thanks
  3. TheGANG New Video

    lol oh I cant believe doubleabble didn't run or bring 13 ice mages and 16 archers and 6 portus. they only had 3 portus. xD this video hurts
  4. its harder to kill and gives worse drops then flank lol why?
  5. why even kill it lol it drops useless shit anyway like moloks +6
  6. rogue krowaz 11 set pm me in game FaXeL if you are interested
  7. KINGS Specials*

  8. Darius Sell/Buylist

    LOL 1k for a 11 part ROFL if you find let me know xD wow
  9. Darius Sell/Buylist

    he doesn't tbl you just suck.
  10. Darius Sell/Buylist

    offer - ItzMadam
  11. S. warrior items

    bump +
  12. {SELL} Warr Accessories

    bro I want krowaz 11 boots and 1 opal3 price?
  13. {SELL} Warr Accessories

    how much for 1 part of krowaz 11? and 1 opal 3
  14. Sell DuaL ROF +2