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    Cape Color on Alliance

    Hey everyone, i'm currently on an alliance with a royal clan and we're accredited knight grade 5. I tried to change to cape color few times, it took the donated nps from the clan but nothing has changed at all? Is there a way to fix it or is it possible to get the 108k ish nps back to clan donation pool? Thanks for your time and help Have a good one.
  3. wezz

    Cape Color on Alliance

    So is it possible for us to get the 100k ish donation that we've wasted on it? I normally wouldn't care, but since it's a clan still building up and all the nps were taken away, i really would like to get 'em back.
  4. wezz

    No Timer for Events

    I don't know if it's a bug for me or an option that i've disabled but i don't get the timers on events since yesterday. I'd say it's just an option disabled on my client but since they don't show up on my laptop too, which i only use for merchant with a different account, i'd say it's a problem on the server side, i don't know. Everyone else seems to have it on, that's why i'm starting the topic on the Support section. Any help would be appriciated. Thank you.
  5. wezz

    No Timer for Events

    Sometimes yea, but mostly they were popping back up on the next event
  6. wezz

    S. warrior items

    Would you be willing to sell pads only?
  7. Hey everyone! How is it going? We're currently looking for English speaking players to recruit. The only condition to join is to be able to join on TeamSpeak whenever needed. We do pk and farm occasionally, we are trying to be active as much as we can during event times such as wars/boss wars/cz boss hunts etc. We're a newly formed clan, but already Grade 3 and would like you to join us to take us to the next level, together. Feel free to ask any question that you might have under this topic or pm me in game. Thanks for your time and consideration. + IGN : TheWezz
  8. Content and the title changed. Wish to see you in our clan soon Have a good one.
  9. wezz

    Change drop list

    There should be some "crap" items on those chests/gems etc. if there wouldn't be, what's the point? This is where you test your luck. There is no point of getting all the high tier items from exchanging. I might be a new player but as i understand, that's not what this server is. Although, i agree the lack/impossibility of farming possibilities for the new players. Especially in the nations own zones (EMC, Luferson etc.). There should be some safe spots that people can farm with a little low drop rate, so it wouldn't be abused. The only way to farm is killing mobs in bowl/other spots in cz and people show no respect to farmers. They chase people who are trying to get started by farming just in order to get that kill for ~100 NPs and kill players who are afk farming on some spots. So i believe, first, we should criticize the community and how greedy they're for NPs instead of asking for a change first. I know some well-geared players those only pk on farmers and in my opinion that's sad.
  10. Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good summer. I was searching through the forums and i haven't seen some topics that i wanted to see in the section and i think would be useful. I'd make them by myself if i had the knowledge but, unfortunately, i don't. First of all was, a list of achievements/titles and how to unlock them. I see tons of people using Most Speedy achievement for example, but i don't know what are the benefits or how to acquire it. I've pmed few people in-game but they were mostly silent. I don't know why. Anyways, if someone with the database of them or the total knowledge on them, could make it. that'd be great. and since it'd be all in one place, it'd be easier for people to make up their mind on which title they'd like to use. Secondly, Last week my friend wanted to start a mage on a fresh account but we were not able to find any Guide (except the combo guide) for the mage builds. That'd be also nice topic to have on hand when people wanted to play mage. Since it's not chosen much by the players of ApexKO maybe they didn't need that much. But for me, i haven't played a mage for a long time in KO, well, i haven't played KO at all for a long long time before i started ApexKO. So i think for those who wants to start a mage character, that guide would be useful. I'm sorry if the topic is on the wrong section or if i've failed to find the ones already created in the forum. Thanks for your time and feedbacks, and have a good day
  11. Thank you so much I've been asking around for a starter guide on stats/skills for whole day
  12. wezz

    What would YOU like to see next?

    I don't know if it's possible, but having a log tab in clan bank or a log file in game folder for Clan Bank would be nice. For ex; PlayerName has stored ItemName (dd/mm/yy - time) PlayerName has withdrawn ItemName (dd/mm/yy - time) PlayerName has stored NoahAmount (dd/mm/yy - time) PlayerName has withdrawn NoahAmount. (dd/mm/yy - time)
  13. wezz

    In-game titles

    I was actually asking for this Thanks man, great work!
  14. wezz


    Bump. Good luck
  15. Appriciated No worries No need to get all hateful as well
  16. I recommend you to read the topic again. If i had the knowledge, i would and i didn't say that it was done by the staff. Sorry, but you're just arguing in the sake of arguing right now.
  17. Well, still, the problem remains the same There are some copy/pasted content from other forums which is applicable to both ApexKO and USKO/etc. but not the ones i've mentioned above and many more? Well, then why copy paste those posts if this forum is just about the differences of ApexKO?