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  1. Buy rogue items

    Use helenid or hepa ib11
  2. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    80% skill priest 5% warrior 15% macro
  3. You need Yorick and his shovel to dig this out
  4. Uppolooo. thread will be closed within 2 days from now on. With vivaldi explaining same stuff as he always does.
  5. ItzMDMA Special <3

    Oh wait. I forgot using minor macro you dont need two hands on keyboard. No worries mate.
  6. ItzMDMA Special <3

    Hm No offence but is your combo full macro? Or you have 10 fingers on one hand?
  7. Harunga In bowl its Nice clan always united and share money
  8. /CLOSE Video Deleted

    Finally some good pk video! Thanks
  9. Stop complain and make your china proxy lol, VIP package straight away and high latency (200ping is playable) you can say its Lag too No worries.
  10. Healing can be classfied as damage for sure. It wouldnt be Who dealt most damage but absolutely random. I guess we will never get a response on this matter though.
  11. Update reeward to utc voucher(1day). 3 randomly amongst active players that dealt dmg and FT will be most wanted event again.
  12. Buying WF+11

    Windforce +11 unftbl ty
  13. Archers +11 set and dex set low dmg? You clearly havent played Archer before.
  14. Yes many turkish chicks by my side. Why you going off topic? X x
  15. GolcoinKO full item at start for all PUS free. 15€monthly fee for playing ty gg wp all welcome
  16. Farm was better because you could play 24/7 be geared better and spike new players on farm slots? Aka usko style?
  17. So wait. You play the least expensive class. Hmm maybe you buy full +11? What stops you? Oh yea i know you want to team up as mages on new server vs basic item players. Wow. And once they will get geared you will quit
  18. What would YOU like to see next?

    Increasing spawning rate of riotes and artrosses would actually benefit the server as well making them more tanky.
  19. That is intended. And it makes a really fun noise