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  1. Stop complain and make your china proxy lol, VIP package straight away and high latency (200ping is playable) you can say its Lag too No worries.
  2. Healing can be classfied as damage for sure. It wouldnt be Who dealt most damage but absolutely random. I guess we will never get a response on this matter though.
  3. Update reeward to utc voucher(1day). 3 randomly amongst active players that dealt dmg and FT will be most wanted event again.
  4. Buying WF+11

    Windforce +11 unftbl ty
  5. Archers +11 set and dex set low dmg? You clearly havent played Archer before.
  6. YouGotPwndByMyAss/Darius vs ItzMDMA/LauraWells for 5000KC

    Right click to win both sides.
  7. Yes many turkish chicks by my side. Why you going off topic? X x
  8. GolcoinKO full item at start for all PUS free. 15€monthly fee for playing ty gg wp all welcome
  9. Farm was better because you could play 24/7 be geared better and spike new players on farm slots? Aka usko style?
  10. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    Yes macro. Some say macro while playing warrior doesnt matter as you only do rr2. But really macro cannot a mistake. But human can do. So yes very much doge very nice movie much skill shown. RMB 4thewin. And yes i know i suck at ko too.
  11. So wait. You play the least expensive class. Hmm maybe you buy full +11? What stops you? Oh yea i know you want to team up as mages on new server vs basic item players. Wow. And once they will get geared you will quit
  12. What would YOU like to see next?

    Increasing spawning rate of riotes and artrosses would actually benefit the server as well making them more tanky.
  13. That is intended. And it makes a really fun noise
  14. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    Why are you here then? Go Fuck some pretty girls mate or keep wasting your time
  15. Sell 7x Qualification of Rebith Scroll

    Oguz for GM
  16. Its a visual bug If your PC is made out of wood. You become a lumber jack and you cut the codes to get inside the certain terrain.
  17. Guys i have been fighting for changes for a long time. Nothing gest implemented. Just give up.
  18. Yet lufthments mage team had sfastika as their clan logo
  19. No fun just dull macro everywhere.