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    pm on forum
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    This went too far. Topic closed and infractions given. We can't do much on what goes on in private messages and direct flaming specific against a person, but generally name calling, flaming and bashing a whole nation and religion on "all chat" will lead to a mute so actions will be taken by the staff.
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    - bos war: if u dont wanna make it on cz add leader point on this war.  we are(turks) dont wanna go rlb for 2x krowaz chest.
    -ultima: ty
    -felankor:  i understand what u mean but when u dont tell the felankor time on notice we only pking good 1 time but if u tell felankor time before 1 hour u will see how is pk gonna good
    another things u are right
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    1) Name change was only added on our last small expansion as a gift to bring mage clans back to help them add their name tags, which is something that they enjoy. That is not something for people to count on to use whenever they want, it was an incentive for them log and come back seeing that there was a deadline added to it. 
    2) There is no need to delete unecessary drops, they don't replace the drop rate of their main items. They are separated into groups and the drop rate is stable and fixated at 35%.
    3) Ultima will never be removed. The effect of adding that to bowl was extremely positive. The amount of PK it generates is really good. And also, Ultima in bifrost is still there, so it does not depend on the one in bowl. People can still go to bifrost and hunt it in peace.
    4) As soon as we release the new client I got some new ideas ligned up for bifrost already.
    5) About felankor, it's not that people only enter CZ when it's felankor time it's actually that MORE people enter cz on felankor time. Both Felankor and Ultima increase the average activity of CZ. They concentrate large amount of players around those times, which is great. Without it, it wouldn't be concentrated and crowded but just spreaded throughout the day and therefore lower.
    Only thing I can think of to change is randomize Ultima to spawn randomly in the course of an hour but that may cause conflicts with events.
    EDIT: About NTs, those who say that right now is bad is because they didn't see how it was in the past when controled by GMs. It was a huge mess and constantly unbalanced. People need to understand that it's not easy to have a server balanced 24/7. It's practically impossible. A party of 8 that decides to join at a random time have the power to completely shift it. I'll raise its cost to 16 gbs though to see if it helps.
    Best regards,
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    buy my somali woman...