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    people prefer hunt boss because they dont want fight against 5x full+11 warrior(all perfect timing macro) 2x full priest 1x full+11 mage(metal online pk offline, tp people when they get eskrima/%90hp) why they should play against this party setup? pk is boring without firemages/sin/archers. i hit eskrima with my starter assasian to warrior, he put shield and run boss hunt or pk against chinese sin/mages more fun
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    Normal hitting this low ?

    its a signature. this is ur first time in forum?
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    Normal hitting this low ?

    its speacial for attack 60 skill.
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    Some of priest skills...

    same problem on torment
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    windows defenderi etkisiz hale getir ondan sonra tekrar clienti kur
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    Upgrading bug

    good stalk
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    ByRagnaR NPT?

    FarFarAway drainer clan
  10. thats good. i dont wanna see people get tp with %80hp. if u guys dont wanna slayt harunga fire mages have to stay in server.
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    rogue skills

    warrior: shouldn't get buff. i dont wanna see warriorko again. just open ur macro and spam descent on sin. are u gonna die? use your gab+8. now u are immortal mage: should get buff. "omggg u are crazy mage already good!" if u dont wanna slay harunga like 1month ago, mages have to stay in server. mage die easy with 2 skill. do u wanna spend 1hour to kill 1 warrior or u want kill 5 mages then die in a seconds? if u are pussy go open new topic to buff warrior. sin: Sin will be same forever in apex! are u sin? spam cure and minor on your warrior. let your warrior descent on you to catch enemys. dont waste your times for another things. bcz u are sin. u will be support forever in apex. do u wanna kill some1 yourself? try to find vs friend or find a kurian to play with u. archer: legolaslar sa. lr&ice rate %99, styx???. u know if mage get malice u can give him only 1 power shoot. because he will die with 1 shoot. Should we talk about cancel heal on priest with 3-5 arrow? %101 or what? dont be like pussy warriors. archer fucking OP right now. go slay etaroth and obl free tl kurian: priest: are u guys gonna buff battle priest or i should stay losing 2v2 18-0? "i dont have heal because im battle priest." -BrOok xXxKingAurelioxXx: buff putos pls! meret: abi lazym cc? felankor: china <3 harunga: we are paybacktime why harunga 2m? we want 10m tl satılır kc V1ruu5: satylr 19x +11 chaos wirinom tuke: where is my 10m npj gift???
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    ty 15.000kc
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