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    UTC is announced. With Rhaue or whatever the name is for that weapon, you finally might be able to dish out sufficient damage to kill people   I think the problem with the int priest is that when you use two leonards here the damage is mitigated. But on usko I've seen a video of a warrior who uses two leonards +9 and hits like a tank. So I think its because of the weird damage calculation bug this server have. Also with really really good gear you damage should be somewhere around 1100-1200 with one hammer maybe, 1300-1400 with dual hammer. How much damage you dish out with malice to warriors?
    Sadly another problem with your request is that, apexko players doesnt know how to pk without 6 warriors 2 priests. Most of them just wants warriors to be op so they can gear that up and get into a macro dick battle  Int priest should be like a paladin imo. It can be a semi support, damage dealer class in parties as the 3rd priest. Various kinds of play style options are open if that class was used correctly, buuuuut ko is not a dynamic game  
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    I started interning at a law firm so I can only come and hang around during weekends. I'll pm you this weekend <3.