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  1. Chaos event reward

    y'all highest scores are my lowest
  2. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    primitive life forms? tell me more about primitive life forms while you're writing such guides haha
  3. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    hey mate, there's much more than gaming in this life. go out clubbing, fuck pretty girls, but i guess you've never done that, since otherwise you wouldn't be writing such guides, well yeah whatever makes u happy
  4. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    how boring has someones life to be to write something like this..?
  5. Warrior Build Setup (Guide)

    thought you meant KO in general since you said "doesn't even work anymore", I guess it never worked in apex anyways
  6. Miguan PK Moive

    recorded with potato?
  7. Enjoy and Funny talk

    How old are you guys.. 5?
  8. woops commented on wrong acc? asking yourself what the name of the music is ---- CHECK ✔ !!
  9. Wow... SkyHunter and Manhattan are getting along.... what's happening to this world??